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Digital technology is the technology through which people in the world can do all their work technically digital things such as mobiles, computers and many digital things.

Digital technology is said as the two base process as the digitized information recorded in the binary code of combinations of digits 0 and 1 also they are called as bits.

Digital technology is also been described as the electronic technology which is used to store and process data as it is said as a modem which can convert the digital information in the computer and also convert the computer into the digital.

There are two data in the Digital information the positive data and the negative data the positive data is referred to as 1 and the negative data is referred to as 0. Mostly by the digital technology transmission has been done mainly the satellite transmission and the fiber optic transmission that is used in media has been done by this digital technology.

The transmission of the satellite has been used in the digital television system. And because of this satellite transmission, people can use this digital technology wireless-only by the provider network.

Digital Technology In India

There is very much use of these digital technologies in India. Because of these digital technologies, there are many things can be done very easily and within seconds all over the countries and also in India.

The digital things such as the computer mobile phones the televisions and all the things that are used through the satellite signals are used by most of the people in India.

And the people who are not using these digital Technologies government in India is working on this problem and also providing them the meaning of this digital technology and becoming our India a digital India.

The Government of India has organized Many digital India camps so by this they could be able to provide the internet Technologies to the people who do not know how to use them and also to the people who are not available to get this technology in their areas.

By this digital technology all over India, our India will become a great technological sector all throughout the world.

Digital India Camps

The Government of India the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has organized many digital India camps this organization has been started in the year 2015 and also been processing all throughout the country now also.

The main motive of these camp is to provide all the digital Technologies to all the people of the country so that all the people would be able to use this technology with a greater ease and all will be able to do their technical work easily such as the transfer and all the technical things now in India there are many mobile apps that are used for transferring money to their bank such as Paytm has been discovered by Indian government to transfer money in the bank easily.

So by these camps, our government has done a great job and slowly-slowly our India is also becoming a great IT sector.

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