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Dengue is a fever that is caused by the dengue virus, and this virus is caused by a bite of a mosquito. This dengue fever is mostly very painful as you can say that as the pain in the bone and it can also refer as the break-bone fever.

Dengue fever is a very harmful disease, and if it is not cured at the proper time and if it does not get a proper medical treatment it can kill a life of people.

This fever is an emergency fever as when a dengue fever is in contact with a person he should get treatment immediately, or he will die.

For the treatment of this dengue fever, there is no proper available vaccination and not a proper treatment of these disease available doctor treats only the symptoms of this disease and they did not have proper treatment for this fever.

Sign And Symptoms 

There is no proper sign and symptoms of this dengue fever mostly people get sick, and if it is not gone until to 4-5 days, then it can lead to a major Dengue disease.

People mostly feel cold diarrhea and many other fever problems when they are affected by this disease. When a person is getting bitten by a mosquito virus, he mostly gets 3 or 10 days to get noticed of this disease.

These diseases come into existence from the World War II many people get affected by this disease, and most people get sick get small cold when they are affected by this disease, and there are no proper symptoms for it from the past.

Many people get a headache they start to pain in their body and sometimes 60-50% people get bleed from their mouth when they are affected by this fever.

Mostly there are 5% of the people who go to the critical stage in Dengue. If the people go to the critical stage, there is no chance of the people to be get treated. A person also can get dengue if he is contracted with the blood transfusions or by the organ donation.


There are no such prevention and treatment are available for this fever as the only prevention for this disease is that people should take away from the mosquito bites.

The best way to control the mosquito bite is that we should always wear full clothes and never go to the area where there are mosquitoes flying.

Mosquitoes spread everywhere, and in our homes also they come so for their prevention from our house we should always get the mosquito spray and hit on them, and also while sleeping, we should sleep under a mosquito net that could prevent us from their bite.

As there is more problem of the mosquitoes in the society so government should take the initiative about this fever and also spray some chemical to remove this mosquito from our area so can people be safe from the dengue fever and we can live easily in a society without mosquitos.

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