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The system in which all the people were able to say their views and opinions to the government as-as their own and taking part in the government reforms is the democratic system. Mostly the democratic system is being included in all the countries as the people of all the country has the president as a representative to rule the country, and the people share their views and opinions to the government, and they could be able to solve the problems.

Democracy system has also been included in India, not in the past but after the independence the democratic system is included in India, and because of this the people could be able to tell their views to a representative, and he could be able to solve the problems, and to elected representative who could solve the problem there is an election every gap of 5 years and people elect their representative.

The things that the people say to the representative and give the opinions can make some changes in the rules of the Government, and it could be helpful for the decision making for the government.

Democracy In Ancient Times

To choose a government in a democracy has been done from ancient times. At that time choosing of government is done by including all the people in an assembly and get the reviews from the people who they want to choose as a perfect candidate to rule the government the people at that time can suggest there thoughts by writing their favorite candidate name and the candidate with  most number of votes wins this and become a leader.

This voting system held every year in the past. Also in the middle ages, there were many systems of the election has been introduced and at that time only a few people are allowed to take participate in this election, only about 3% of the people are allowed to tell their opinions and thoughts to elect their king or leader.

The Ways Of A Democratic Country

The system of the democracy is included in all the countries, and all the countries mostly used the two types of democracy as there are two types they are direct democracy and indirect democracy in the direct democracy the people could be able to share their views directly to the government and it is used in some of the countries like Australia and some of the countries and there is the indirect democracy in which people have to elect their representative to tell their problems to the government, and that is why the person is appointed through which the people share their problems with him, and he can say the peoples problem to the government, and this is the indirect democracy, and it is taken by the Indian Government and also some of the Asian countries as well.

The people select a perfect representative who would capable of doing their works and to help them to solve the problem, and because of this the voting is being in India, and this system of election is the main as in this there is the future of India is developed as a right representative could do his work right but when the representatives who are elected is corrupted he can destroy the future of India and also the people cannot be able to get solved their problem.

So it is only in the hands of the people to elect a perfect representative, and by this, the problem of the people could get solve, and all the people can get involved in the government, and it can give rise to the development of the country as well.

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