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Democracy is a system in which every people can take part in the government forums and can tell their opinion about the law and rules of the government.

There is a method of direct democracy in which people comes together and discuss to make a new law and can make changes in the law of the government.

To tell their decisions to the government the people elect a representative to tell their reviews and opinions to the government.

This representative listens to all the public opinion and changes they make and pass it on to the government. This representative of the people can choose only by a process and to choose a representative the elections have been made.

Types Of Democracy

There are two types of democracy they are a direct democracy and the indirect democracy in the direct democracy every people has the right to make the laws in this democracy every people come together and share their opinion and views and can make the changes in the law.

The example of this direct democracy is a referendum. The other democracy is the indirect democracy in this indirect democracy people not directly tell their views to the government else they choose a representative of themselves who stand by them and could say their opinions to the government.

The Democracy In India

India is a democratic country so that all the people have the right to tell their opinions and views to the government. In India, the second type of democracy as indirect democracy is used to tell peoples opinions and views to the government.

In India, the method indirect democracy is used as people elect their representative in the election who would listen to their problems or the opinion that they want to give to the government and he could be able to pass this all to the government.

Not only in India but the other countries has also been using this method of democracy. But there are also many countries who do not like to be in a democracy such as Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, and North Korea and also there are many small countries such as Vatican city or Cuba where there are no democracy methods used.

Every five years in India elections are held, and a perfect candidate is chosen by the people to tell their problem to the government. There is an election held in every city, state in India. And the government listen to the problem of the people so by this the country is developing day by day.

For voting in the election, there is a minimum age to vote. As only 18 years and above people, students can vote in the elections. Most of the youths are taking part in these elections, and because of this the brain of the youths and government power together are helping in the development of the country.

So for the development of the country all the people should come together and vote and choose a right candidate for their responsibility so by this thing government can develop properly and the development of the country could be increased.

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