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Delhi or New Delhi is Indian territory, and it is also the capital of India. As per the Indian population, Delhi is the second highest territory in India after Mumbai. There are about 10-12 million people who live in them. Delhi border is mostly covered by three sides from Haryana and from the east it has Uttar Pradesh as their neighboring states.

It has many urban cities from all over the country in Delhi as it can be said as the metropolitan city. It is the most productive area, and also it is the most productive area in the economy wise after the Mumbai there are many billionaires stay there, and it can be said as the city of billionaires after Mumbai.

Most of the government works are done in Delhi. There are many cities like Noida, Ghaziabad and these cities make a great urban heritage for Delhi. Delhi has the famous Qutubminar monument situated from the past.

History Of Delhi

In past history, Delhi has been ruled by many of the kings. The first ruler of the Delhi was the Gulbuddin Aibak he started to rule Delhi, and he also started to construct the monument Qutub Minar in Delhi at the time of his rulings. He laid the foundation of Delhi Sultanate.

It was also ruled by the lone women Razia Sultan who was the first women to rule over Delhi after that Delhi was ruled for about 300 years by the Lodhi Dynasty.

Many forts are developed at that time, and Delhi has become a great ruling territory for the kings. After that, the Delhi sultanate was continued by the allaudin kiljhi.

He had a great rule over Delhi. These rulers make many cities at that time. Shah Jahan also ruled over Delhi, and he built the seventh city of Delhi and gave the city under his name as Shahjahanabad, and this city at present is known as the old Delhi or old city.

After the death of the Mughals, the Delhi is ruled by the Maratha empire. Many wars were fought between the Afghans and the Maratha over the rule of Delhi. After that in the 19th century, there was the rule of the British over India. And after the freedom, Delhi gets its new name ‘New Delhi.’From then it is also called as New Delhi.

Present In Delhi

Delhi at present is the most developed city and India finest leading city in the economy. Many of the cities, research centers, many big universities have been developed in Delhi.

The first metro train system in India was developed in Delhi. It has our main judiciary systems and the supreme court of India.

As it is a developing city in the country and it has more population so because of this there is some pollution that has been created in Delhi.

Its climate conditions are very much harmful to people to live there. In winters the people there are unable to live because the smog in winter and the pollution that emits creates great harm to the lives of the people. But instead of all these things, people in Delhi live a great life, and it is a major city in our country India.

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