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Delhi metro is the transport system from the metro that has been first organized in India in Delhi. It is the rapid transportation method system that has been used by the people to go anywhere in Delhi, and it’s nearby cities where the routes of this metro go.

When the metro system has been developed in Delhi, it’s travel into Delhi, and it’s nearby cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad cities.

This metro system in India got great support from the government of India and because of this idea came into existence.

The plan to construct a metro has been started a way back in the year 1984 since then many people get joined to this plan, and by the year 1998, the construction of the metro has been started.

History Of Construction

In the past when the plan of the construction of the metro system were started the people decided to make it into three phases as per the plan the phases the plan for the first phase was to develop three routes for the metro that contains 58 stations and about 65 km long route and the three routes where given the three names such as red line, yellow line and blue line and the second phase contains a long 124 km route and about 85 stations covering in it,and in this there were ten routes that have been constructed.

And the plan of making these routes are made along with phase one and has been constructed in the year 2008. After completing the construction of the two phases in the third it was greatly planned, and as per their planning, many underground routes are also constructed, and many new routes are also under construction.

The work of phase three was to be done in the year 2016, but it has been postponed to the year 2018. For making this metro system in India, our government has also been more supportive as there are about 350 billion rupees has been spending by the Indian government on this plan of the metro system.

Also other than the three phases there also a fourth phase that has been recently planned by the government for constructing new routes and also including many cities and the work of this phase four has been started and probably on 2022 the whole work of the metro could get over.

Construction Accidents

While making the metro, many people have joined in this thing, but there are also many accidents caused while making this metro system such as while constructing a launching gantry has fallen over the vehicles which was passing underneath and because of this many people died.

And another major accident that has been caused by the workers while working on the bridge the bridge collapsed and fell on a bus the driver and many passengers got hurt and died.

Accidents are a part of working on a huge construction plan but after all this government is planning all the right and soon metro would run not only in Delhi but also in major cities.

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