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Dance is an art of moving our body in a musical rhythm. Everyone can practice dance in their style as it can be practiced alone or dance can be practiced in a group.

Every people has their style of dance in society. Practicing dance our body becomes fit it is not a sport or any exercise thing, but dance can use for keeping our body fit.

When music plays people likes to shake their body and dance in the music. It is also a professional for some of the people as through dance they can express their feelings and emotions.

Dance is a thing that can be done at any age of people such as in the adult, teenage or a small baby also dance by hearing some music. Dance is of many times, and every country has its different forms of dance.

Types Of Dance

Dance is a thing that has been practiced from ancient times as people are happy they dance as is the thing through which people can share their happiness with others.

There are many types of dance forms such as classical dance, professional dancing, street dance and many other types of dance. In professional dancing there are many forms of dance are including such as they are belly dance, ballet, modern dance, jazz and tap these dances are practiced in professional dancing.

In the street dancing the dance form practices are hip hop and break dance. Most of the youth of the country practiced breakdance and hip-hop as these dance forms have a great step to impress and express them. Other types of dance forms are Samba, Rock and Roll and salsa are also practiced by the people.

This is the professional dance forms that had been practiced all over the countries, and the trend of these dancing is also increasing in India.

All people like to learn this interesting dance forms and those who did not know how to dance there are people who train these dance forms are called choreographers who trained other people about these dance forms.

Types Of Dance In India

Indian mostly like to do the classical dance as it fits into our culture. These cultural and classical dances are mostly practiced in this southern part of India such as the dance forms are Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Bharatnatyam are the dance form which is practiced mostly in the south part of India.

In the western part of India such as in Maharashtra or Gujarat in Maharashtra there is mostly Lavani dance which is practiced most, and in Gujarat, Garba is practiced more like a dance form.

The Other dance forms such as Jazz, ballet, Salsa, samba, break dance, hip-hop are not widely practiced in India but the Indian culture is more developing and many people also practicing this type of dance forms.

There are many choreographers and dancers in India who have practiced this dance forms and also teach the other people. Dance is growing with a great all over the world and being happy we should dance.

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