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The cyclone is the large winds in the atmosphere that rotates in a spherical direction. The cyclone is a natural disaster when it comes it destroys all the area that comes in its range.

It is the most harmful disaster caused by nature. It destroys the life of the people. The cyclone is a storm which has a very high wind with very high speed and heavy rainfall with low atmospheric pressure.

Cyclones are formed in the oceans, and the average cyclone travels are up to 6 to 7 days. The cyclone is also called as Hurricanes or typhoons.

Mostly the cyclone appears in the areas which are close to the sea. When the cyclone takes place, there is no control in the sea, so there are more chances of the flood in the coastal areas.

When the cyclone takes place, it has a very strong wind power in it as it can uproot an electric pole or it can uproot a huge tree this cyclone can create great damage to the people.

The Effects Of Cyclone

Mostly the cyclone-prone areas are the areas which are close to seeing such as islands which are covered by seawater from all the sides. The Asian continent is also in the cyclone-prone area.

There are many cases in the past that have registered the appearance of the cyclone in India. In India, mostly the southern side such as West Bengal, Orissa, Tamil Nadu are very much close to the sea, and there are many chances of cyclones in these areas not only in the southern part but in Maharashtra ,Gujarat there are also many chances of cyclone as these areas are also in the cyclone-prone region.

In the year 1977 India has faced this cyclone appearance in Tamil Nadu as the cyclone has destroyed many of the people’s lifestyle and their life also.

Not only cyclone but all the natural disasters cause a great loss to society. When cyclone takes place there it not control able by any of the people it destroys all the things that come in front of it.

Precautions From The Cyclone

When the cyclone is going to happen the weather reporters get to know it first, and they telecasted it by the news, and when it is telecasted, we should hear it properly and not go near the coastal areas.

When cyclone takes place, we must visit a safer place where we can get help easily. The government of countries should take responsibility to help their people.

When there is a cyclone or any natural disasters that take place, there are many government camps that are built to help the people.

India is near to the coastal area so the Government of India should take some responsibility to arrange these camps when there is the appearance of the cyclone in India.

We should mostly stay in our home when there are signs of a cyclone or when the cyclone is appearing, and if we are out of the home, we should find a safer place to hide from strong winds of the cyclone as it can take everything that comes front of it. We should take care of yourself when such natural disasters take place.

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