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Cybercrime is a crime that is creating a great offense in today’s society. Cybercrime is a type of crime which is done through the computers. This is created by misusing the computer, and it’s network improperly.

This cybercrime is created by some of the people intentionally to harming other people by hacking or getting their internal information, and this thing can be easily done by the modern internet technology through which these people create offense in the society.

Hackers who hacks the other people’s internal information or the private information they later blackmail them and harass them. Mostly women in our society have to face this problem of harassment. They are the most targeted victim of these hackers.

This problem of cyber crime has not only in India, but this problem is all over the world many of the hackers spread all over the world that hacks and harasses the people.

Mostly the hackers are from Russia these Russian hacks the account of many people and later blackmails them. Cybercrime has become a major problem worldwide.

Problems Because Of Hacking 

This hacking has been started from the computers, and it’s internet connection the hackers easily hack the People information through computers and nowadays it is also easy to hack from a mobile phone.

This hacking has created a major problem in the society these hackers create some of the viri and put on other computers and create the mess in their computers which causes many problems to their computers, or sometimes these hackers hack their bank accounts or other private accounts of people and later take all the money from the accounts.

By the virus they create and  put it on others computer and the virus affects the computer and many unwanted things comes in their computer that creates a major problem for the device after that this virus problem can get some of the psychological effects to the user because of that unwanted thing they put in their computer through virus.

Action towards This Crime 

The cybercrime has to become the major problem all over the world and because of these many agencies of cybersecurity has been formed to take some actions against this crime.

There are many Russian Agencies, or many cybercrime Agencies has been formed in many countries to stop this crime from all over the world.

As the computer is used for hacking but through computers, these cyber agents get some of the evidence to catch the hacker.

After the cybercrime Agencies has been opened many of the cases of hacking has been registered, and the cyber agents have caught many of the hackers.

There are many penalties given to the hacker such as taking the huge fine from him or putting him in jail. On the other hand, these cybersecurity people take help from many of the hackers to find other hackers who harass the people.

So this cybercrime has been a major problem in today’s world, and we should be aware of this and always be safe from these cyber criminals.

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Updated: February 7, 2019 — 11:33 am

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