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Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman probably was known as CV Raman was a great physicist born in India. Cv Raman was born on 7 November 1888 in Madras in the state of Tamilnadu.

He passed his all the exams and then passed his F.A.exam with a scholarship at the age of 13 in the school St Aloysius at Vishakhapatnam.

After his school for further studies he came to Madras where his father was teaching as a teacher in mathematics and also his father was great in physics.

In the year 1904 cv Raman passed all his university exams in the field of bachelor of arts and not only passing he stood first and got a medal all over the university. Later he continued his studies and get his masters degree in the field of science.

His Career In Physics 

Cv Raman was a great physicist and later he becomes a physics institutor in many universities. With the physics institutor, he also started to research on our Indian science research center where he developed many things in the field of physics and later he wrote his journal on his physical abilities and named as the Raman effect.

In this Raman effect, cv Raman has clearly explained the scattering of the light. Raman has also got Nobel prize for his teachings of the scattering of light through his journal the Raman effect.

Later he went to all the state of India to spread his teachings of physics and some lessons in mathematics.

While giving teachings to the people all over India he found many of the students who are capable of doing things in physics like him.

So he started to support the student and with the help of the student’s cv Raman made many theories. Raman also worked in the musical field and developed many transitional ways vibration theories through music and some physics.

His Personal Life And Achievements

CV Raman married to a women name Lokasundari and they have two sons. His second son Radhakrishnan later become a great radio astronomer.

He has got a Nobel Prize in physics. To get a Nobel Prize in physics Cv Raman has done very hard work during his career he propounded many theories and many of the inventions in Physics.

He also founded many thermal theories. He propounded his knowledge of Physics not only in India but also through the worldwide in England his knowledge of Physics has been appreciated and his method of teachings has also been adopted by the England people.

Many of the things that have been founded in England with the help of CV Raman effect has also been given the name of CV Raman. Later CV Rahman has also been awarded by Bharat Ratna in the year 1954.

He later found many of the research institutes such as Raman Institute centers and many other research centers in India. CV Raman died on 21 November 1970.

He was shifted to the hospital while in his last days but he wanted to die in his research center surrounded by his followers and on 21 November 1970 he breathes his last breath and died in his Institute center. CV Raman was a great physicist and also a proud for our India.

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