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Education is very much necessary for all the citizen of the globe. In ancient time, the literacy rate of India was low as compared in today. When the colonization took root in India by the British, there was a significant change in the Indian education system.

There is a need to give restructure to our education system, but no one is taking the concrete steps for the changes.

The Ancient School

In the classical era, the children were sent at the place of the teacher to acquire knowledge or to spend life self-dependent. These type of school were known as Gurukul or Vidya Mandir. Here in these school student were taught many different arts and skills.

Schools In The British Era

As the British set up their colonies in India, there was sudden changes in the education system. They set up different school, in which the subject which has to be taught was entirely different from those of Gurukuls.

As many different skills were taught in Gurukul, but in the school of the British era, the main focus was on the academic performance of the students.

Some Of The Drawbacks

There are many points in the Indian education system which are not taught in the system, which inhibit the growth of an individual.

Fewer Practicals

The teacher mainly focuses on the theoretical part of education. The chapters are taught by just reading and are explained verbally. Many students don’t understand the lesson theoretically instead of that they need some practical session to understand the chapters.

Good Marks

The Indian education mainly focuses on the good marks, no matter how the children have scored it, by mugging up the answers or by understanding the lesson.

All Round Development Goes Zero

India is a country where the education system has the only target to complete the syllabus of the class. No attention is given to the all round development of the student.

The Pressure Of Home Works

The young minds of the country are getting pressurized under the burden of exams and homework, here after everyone and half month, their exams come, which give lots of pressure to the students.

Now, we will discuss some of the merits of the current education system;

Covers Every Subject

The Indian education system includes all subject which is necessary for the knowledge of students. Means in science we get subtypes as physics, chemistry, biology, and maths, where the student has the opportunity to choose the subject according to his choice or into which career they are going for in future.

Teaches Discipline

Along with the book knowledge, the Indian education system teaches discipline to the student. For example, in school, there are various rules and regulation which compulsorily has to be followed by the students.


Here we have seen the significant changes in the education system which is made as compared to the ancient time. There are some of the things which need to be changed again by the government for the betterment of the future.

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