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Culture in a society can be said as the living of the people as there are different types of culture and tradition of people in a society as there are many religions and many of the different types of people and every people have different types of way of living in a society. Mostly in the world, the religious culture is being followed most as there is much religion and every religion has a special culture and tradition in that people follows as every culture has different types of languages attires items of clothing and all and people follow this difference in their religious culture.

Every person has got some different types of values in their culture, and when they grow up, they follow this culture also although their life and they live their life according to the teachings of their ancestors that they have been taught from the past.

Different Cultures In Every Country

All the countries have different types of culture and tradition, and they live their life according to that as every country celebrate different types of festivals cultures have there different types of religion in every country. There are many different types of festival that are being celebrated in Australia and New Zealand South Africa and also some Asian countries like Sri Lanka Pakistan India but the festivals and culture that are celebrated in which countries are no need to be same as in countries like Australia New Zealand and others they have different types of culture and different festivals are being celebrated by their people and mostly the Asian continent have some of the festivals to be same like in India and Pakistan there is a similarity in a religion of Muslim and mostly the people in India and Pakistan celebrate the festival of Ramzan and Eid.

It states that all the countries have different types of culture and their traditional festivals are also different. As in India, it is the biggest country as it has 29 states and this all 29 states have the different-different cultures in them. In India, there are so many different religions, and all different religion has their different forms of culture and tradition. Such as in India where are Hindus, Muslims, Christians Buddhism, Jainism people who all have their different types of culture and tradition.

This difference in their religion has been started in the past ancient times in India and as the people in today’s world follow this religion and the culture that has been followed in the past. Many traditions in India differ from the other countries as India is most of the religious country and this religion makes the difference between India and other countries as there are many religious festivals are being celebrated in India. In Hinduism, in the past, there was a tradition of the dowry system, and it was mostly done in the Hindu religion, and this tradition of the Hindus has also been done now also. Different types of wedding rituals are practiced in the different religions.

Every religion has a different type of wedding rituals, and they celebrate their rituals with their style and tradition. This wedding tradition also differs in all the religion, and in some of the other countries, there are different types of wedding rituals. Many cultural festivals are practiced. A new year festival is celebrated at different times and through different ways in India. Every religion has the different date of their new year. The new year that is celebrated on the night of 31st December is a festival which is celebrated all over the country on the same day, and it is celebrated in every religion.

Other Forms Of Culture

As there is a different type of religion in every country and every country also has different types of different clothing types of festivals other than religious festival such as there are many Music Festival and Dance Festival in Australia and New Zealand and many countries but these types of festivals are mostly celebrated in India.

In India mostly the people focus on the religious festival and also there is difference in the languages of every religion and also in the music and art and it also differs from the different countries as the language that we speak in India is mostly Hindi and the different countries are English and also there are many countries speak French Spanish as well. So there are many different types of culture that are being celebrated all over the country as the people come together and celebrate their festival with one another.

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