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A culture is a way of living of people in a society.Many people have different types of culture and it is the way of living of people in a society.

People culture is mostly seen in the society  by how they live,their clothing,their attire as we can say that culture is a their tradition that people follow in their religion.

Every religion has different types of culture as they have different types of food,differ in their clothings and many more things are different in culture of every religion.

Every persons behaviour also matters in their culture as their behaviour decides their cultural background. All countries have their different culture.

Indian Culture

Indian culture has been started from the past ancient times people used to follow their culture that has been started from the ancient times and it is followed in today’s present world also.

India is the biggest country as it has 29 states and this all 29 states have the different-different cultures in them. In India, there are so many different religions and all different religion has their different forms of culture and tradition.

Such as in India where are Hindus, Muslims, Christians Buddhism, Jainism people who all have their different types of culture and tradition.

This difference in their religion has been started in the past ancient times in India and as the people in today’s world follow this religion and the culture that has been followed by the past. There are many differences in the literature, arts, music, their livings of the people of these different religion.

In India, most people have joint families and they have different types of cultures and the different religions have different types of marriages tradition. In hinduism, in the past, there was a tradition of the dowry system and it was mostly done in the hindu religion and this tradition of the Hindus have also been done now also.

Different types of wedding rituals are been practiced in the different religions.M any cultural festivals are been practiced.A new year festival is celebrated at different times and through different ways in India. Every religion has their different date of their new year.

Indian Culture In Other Forms

There are so many different types of forms of greetings in Indian culture as in Hindu they say namaskar,vanakkam in Tamil ,nomoshkar in Bengali and all the different languages and religion have different types of ways to welcome people.

All religion also differ in food as hindu likes Puran poli,in southern side mostly idli is eaten more in they also differ in their cooking styles.

There are also many difference in the dance form of these religion as in Kerala mostly Kathakali Kathak are been practices or  in the Western side in Maharashtra mostly Lavani or in Gujarati Garba is being practiced most all the religion have there different types of dance forms.

Their music also differ from one another. As India is a secular country and there are more number of religion and traditional that have been practiced in different forms all the people comes together and celebrate the different cultures together.

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