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The way of life, traditions, beliefs, from the most spiritual to the most material, etc. this are the things by which the Culture made up of. Culture makes us human and we only are the creator of the cultures.

What Are The Features Of Culture 

The culture, from one generation to other generation it is transmitted.

A social heritage of man is culture. Without of group influence, man cannot create culture.

In society, culture comprises the good behavior pattern of people.

In the light of new experience, culture is modified and renewed in it.

For the patterns of behavior, norms, ideals as it stand for it because the culture is idealistic.

Culture is dynamic in our life and it does not remain static. From another culture, it receives a good thing.

If culture is gratified for the social and ethical needs of man than it is good.

For becoming integrated the culture have the quality. Culture’s various parts are integrated with each other.

Various Types Of Culture 

Culture generally are of four types they are ideal, real, material and non- material types of culture they are as follows:

Ideal Culture

Ideal types of culture refer to the presented pattern or to the precedent for the people, to which it is the society’s goal. Due to some of this culture are remains the part of it out of practice, so that’s the reason can never be achieved full, But the ideal culture’s part which practiced in the social life is known as the real culture.

Not only the ideal but also the real culture are related to it and also they are different from each other.

Real Culture  

In our social life, real culture can be observed by us. In our society, we act upon culture is the real one. A part of real remains without practice due to because of the whole one never real.

Being a Christian, Muslim, Marathi and other related religion people do not follow some religions culture fully in their social life. It means we follow the part of religion in our life.

Material Culture

Such as furniture, automobiles, dams, buildings, roads, bridges, etc. the physical matter which can be converted can be used by man are such objects which are made by man this material object consists of it.

By external, mechanical and useful objects it is closely related. Material as well as technical equipment such as a public machine, a railways engines, a radio, a locomotive, etc. are included.

Non- Material Culture

Culture is used in the ordinary sense it means in the non- material culture. People used the term in the ordinary culture i.e. non- material culture. Non- material culture includes the beliefs, symbols, institution, organization, etc.

which we used the only for the words, the language we speak. For example, something that you invisible or untouchable i.e. language, religions, sports, feelings, beliefs, education, etc. are all the untouchable includes in the non- material culture.

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