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Cruelty to animals is much of a serious topic than it seems to be. Every 60 seconds, an animal gets abused. And we sit hand on hand unaware about it and we take them for granted. Animal cruelty is abuse or negligence of an animal.

Purposefully pushing animals into situations that cause harm, scare and terrorize them. Every animal is a gift of nature to mankind and they are capable of all love and care. Animal cruelty can be done in many ways but they all create an impact in the same way.

Animal Neglect

Animal neglect emerges from ignorance. A person keeps the animal in his or her property but doesn’t know how to take care of them. This can’t be a justification for their deeds that’s where we need to educate people about animal care.

Some animals are chained and they go days and weeks without food because the owner “just forgets” which cannot be considered as an excuse every day. In many cases, the owner doesn’t notice if the animal has an injury or doesn’t want to spend time and money which is necessary to heal their sick or injured pets.

Some animals spend their entire lives in negligence and die of malnutrition, untreated disease, dehydration, etc.

Animal Abusest

Animal abuse involves willingly harming animals. When a person kicks a dog for having an incident in the house or whips a horse for not responding the command are instances of animal abuse.

The most common types of animal abuse are neglect, hoarding, throwing, burning, stabbing, beating, fighting, shooting, etc, they are also taken out of there natural habitats and being fed antibiotics, they even undergo many lab experiments.

Animal Exploitation

Some people think they have the right over the animal they own. They use animals in any way they wish, usually for monetary gain. However, when the exploitation goes against the animals the situations can be scary, unsafe and unfair to them.

Circuses, aquatic theme parks, zoos, and other venues often exploit animals in the name of entertainment. Animals are forced and kept in cages for years.

Human Predation

Humans are also called “apex predators” because we can dominate and control animals easily. Humans prey on animals. We consider them as nothing but the food on a plate. We also sometimes prey on animals without the desire of eating them.

The valid example would be fur farming. There’s no concrete reason to prey on animals. Many cases of animal cruelty isseen in factory farming, hunting, and fishing.

Stopping The Cycle Of Abuse

Witnessing cruelty to animals is an upsetting experience. But understanding how to handle the situation properly can save an innocent life. Few things we can do to stop animal abuse is to educate yourself and others to take care of animals and to get veterinary care for injured animals.

If you see a chained dog befriend his/her guardian. Get familiar with animal protection laws. If you witness animal abuse report the crime to the police. Teach kids to be compassionate with innocent animals and not to harm them. When it comes to you, give your best to stop animal cruelty and help an animal in need.

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