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The word criticism is defined in both ways positive as well as negative way. People use criticism to judge someone. Sometimes the word criticism is a very harsh word in the term to hurt someone emotionally. But criticism is helpful to find out the mistake and do better for next time.

The positive way of criticism holds for strong criticism which follows the valid feedback or a review by both kinds of person optimistic and pessimistic.

Criticism means the expression of both agreement or disagreement of something or someone that is based on perceived belief, faults and mistakes. As DR. T.P. Chia said that “Criticism is like a good friend.Everyone in this world has been criticizing some of the other days.

We are often told to make strong and bold constructive criticism and neglect the negative criticism. But what is the difference between the negative and strong bold constructive criticize? Negative criticism is something that someone tries to demotivate towards your work and demoralize to you for to do good work.

But criticize helps sometimes to become out with the blast and shook everyone. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.”

Constructive and strong criticism is to meant as a useful and genuine concern. The best criticism helps someone to change the way they use to see a thing and get knowledge from them. The person who has proper knowledge can give the best solution to come out of the critics.

The leader always tries to give strong critics in any field of work or arts. A good critic is always taken in a good manner as the language of the criticizer does not hurt the emotion or the dignity of the person.

The intention of good criticizer is to encourage and stimulate healthy debate and avoid totalitarian absolutist condemnation. In the present world, everyone can get numerous articles on criticism. Everyone expects on the commenting others. Literary critics often write their review or feedback on the comment section.

Somme thinks that criticism is the best way to make the way to make someone low and feel them regret about the work they have done.

Social criticism is one that aired on social issues which is the main center of attraction for everyone. Social issues, like the national problem, is addressed by them. They provide a vibrant and positive forum for discussion on national issues a which help everyone to think about it an raised the question to find the solution to it.

The most common form is about political criticism which is a very dramatic event and which is unfolding on the national and local political stages.

Political criticism in the mainstream media is a quite muted topic for various reasons. Nowadays there are internet criticism people comments on the issues which are neglected, but sometimes the criticism is also in the negative which hurts the dignity of mankind.

As Winston Churchill said, ”Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as in the human body. It  calls attention to an unhealthy state of thing.”

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