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We worship a women power in many forms as Durga, Sati, Kali and so on. We even admire the great ladies like Mother Terresa, Indra Gandhi, Kalpana Chavala. But what happens when we talk about powerless and ordinary women.


Nowadays crime rates have been increased in India. According to the survey made, India comes on Third ranks for the crime against women. The rate was 13,941 in 2015 whereas it increased as 15,534 in 2017.

We will not find development in the remote areas but can see the crime against women in every corner of our nation.

Type Of Crime Against Women

Many of the men of India thinks that Women is a place where they can perform every kind of crime. As we are still facing gender inequality in India men takes advantage of this bullshit.

Women face crime in daily life from their own house until society.

Forced Marriage

Many of the parents mainly in rural areas fix the marriage of their daughter at a very early age. How can a girl marry at an age when she has to study and play. Many of the low-income family due to lack of money they sell their daughter to the rich man in the name of marriage. Many cases were found in the Haryana state.

Forced Pregnancy

Many times we have seen the in-laws of the girl forced her to conceive when she is mentally or physically not prepared for that. This crime comes under domestic violence.

Acid burning: We hear the stories that if the girl rejects the proposal of a boy, in frustration boy, throws out the acid on the face of a girl so as she no men can marry to her.

Sometimes we come to know that the girl does suicide by her as their inlaws were torturing for dowry and if she does not does suicide the inlaws itself do murder of their daughter in law.

The leading crime we found against women in India is sexual assault. According to the survey made in the year 2013, 24,923 rape case was registered in a year. In which 24,470 were the cases in which the victims were having a family or a friendly relation with the rapist.

Even there are many families of the victims who do not register the complaint either the rapist have threatened them or by the sake of society.  Apart from the above crimes we hear about Human trafficking, sex abortion, honor killing, etc.


According to the report every three minutes, the next crime happens with one or another woman in India.

Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana are the cities which made most of the crimes against women in India.

75% of Indian men think, to bind the family together women should tolerate every happening made to her. Many times they beat them. When the women complaint about the matter to their parents at the time they also suggest her to be quite either for, the sake of society or children.


Men should feel shame for their actions, as they even have their sister and daughter which also can be molested by some other.

The government should pass a strict as well as cruel punishment for the accused. If going out at night, they should carry some sharp object for their safety. Women should raise voice for the crime which made against her.

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