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Courage means the bravery that the warriors have with them when they are in a war. Courage is a choice of a person to face any problem and every pain they get. There is no fear of death amongst these courageous people because this person fights like a warrior.

To be a courageous man in life, there should always be a hope within themselves as the warriors have with them when fighting in the war they did not lose their hope and run from their battlefield. They defend their enemies till their last breath.

When someone is in Big danger and we have to save them and at that time when we save the people without any hesitation is the courage that comes from our inside is the courage that should be in every people.

Courageous People From The Past

There are many people from the past who fought with great strength and as a warrior within them. As an example of the courageous people is that at the time of the British rule in India there are many leaders who are very courageous and fought with their willpower and defeated the British people from India.

They kept hope in them that they will free India from the British rule and by going through their hope this person fought courageously and not losing their hope they win over the British.

Not only in the 19th century but also from the past in the 16th century there are also many courageous heroes who fought with their great willpower among their enemies.

Such a hero was Shivaji Maharaj who was very courageous among the people and at that time he freed his Empire from the Mughal emperor and fought like a lion at that time.

There are over thousands of enemies are against him and with his small troops and with his courageous attitude and willpower he fought like a legend with them and won all the fight among them and never run from his battlefield. He was a great Warrior at that time, and he set an example of a courageous man for all the people.

The Courageous Attitude In Today’s World

In today’s world, every people should have a hope within themselves and a courageous attitude to live in this world as this world is full of attitude people and we should be able to be in them and able to live life with them.

One should not be insecure in any kind of situation he should face all the situation that comes upon him with his courageous willpower inside him and be brave in all kind of situation.

Courage within a person can get the opportunity to be in front of many people in today’s world and the ability to succeed in their life.

It helps to get good things in our life and also to face the people who try to threaten us and be brave in those situations. We should always be brave in every situation that comes against us and faces them with full of confidence within us.

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