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The life of courage is the most meaningful life. The most prominent identity of such an experience is that he is fearless, absolutely unconscious.

Courage Is Everything

The courageous man’s first identity is that he does not worry about what people watching the spectacle are thinking about him. The person who ignores public opinion is the real force of the world, and the light of humanity also meets the same person.

Walking by looking at the neighboring neighborhood, it is the work of ordinary creatures. The revolutionaries do not compare their purpose to the neighbor’s use, nor do they make their move blind by watching the movements of their neighbors.

The courageous man also takes an interest in those dreams, the dreams which have no practical meaning. The brave person does not borrow the ideas; he reads his book written in his thoughts.

Lion Has Courage

Walking in the herd, feeding in the crowd is the work of buffalo and sheep. The lion is also lonely even if she is alone.

The person who feels that at any great determination he could not work with courage; he could not accept the challenge of life, he could not be happy.

A man, who does not show courage on a big occasion, keeps listening to a voice within his soul.

A voice that he can hear and which he can not even stop. This voice keeps saying to him equally – ‘You can not show courage, ran away like cowards.’

Courage Is Needed To Live A Happy Life

In the practical sense, which we call pleasure, it is better than this, that when we die, we hear this criticism from our soul that there was a lack of courage in you, that you lacked courage, that you were in the right place at the right time.

Living life is always a risk, and the person who puts a circle everywhere to live a good life, he eventually gets imprisoned between his surroundings, and he can not get any fun because of the danger, In fact, he tried to stop growth from coming to life.

At the end of life, we get as much as the capital puts in it. This capitalization is to face the crisis of consciousness. It has to be reversed by reading that page, and all the letters are written not only with flowers, but also some coals.

Life Is Never Ending

Knowing the difference in life, he knows only that it knows that life is a never-ending thing.

There is also a part of you in the world as well as scattered. That thing can also be yours, which you are returning after reaching your reach.

Never To Shorten The Wings

Do not shorten the wings of wishes. Squeeze the fruits of life with both hands and shed the shedding of juice.


Every person in the world should have sufficient courage. Courage is everything. If a person doesn’t have enough courage, they cannot achieve their goal.

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