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Corruption is the major problem of illegal taking of cash that has been done in many countries as because of this the economy of the country gets affected and the people in the country have to face many problems in the society. It is mostly done by the people who want to live their life easier as the people give money to the government people and do there any illegal job in a legal way and the people that are present in the government does not do that duty properly and do corruption. Corruption is mostly done by the government people as when the government is corrupted the people also been corrupt as well.

Why People Do Corruption

As we say that the corruption is done by the government people and the government do not do their duties properly as there is also a reason we can say for the corruption of this people as the government people are not paid much salary the earning of this people are very much low as compared to the other private sector such as police officers are paid very much less salary according to their duty so because of this to earn more they do corruption by taking money from many big people and allowing all the illegal things. Some people in the government like to do their work properly but their heads put pressure on them and says them to do the work illegally and offer them more money, and in awe of this money, they all do illegal things.

This  problem has taken its roots to the education system also like the people in the education system are also corrupted and they take money from the big peoples who are not capable to take admission in the schools or colleges they offer money to the government people and the government officials that present in the position of schools and colleges take the money and give admission to this people and do corruption in the education system and because of this the students who are capable of studying are not getting their chances. So the problem of corruption should be stopped, and all the people should do their work legally as this could be helpful for the development of the country.

Corruption In India

Corruption is also done in India, and in India, it is a major problem as most of the police officer and government employees do corruption, and these harms the development of the country. In India, most of the political parties and the big known people do the corruption, and all the police officers and government employees have their support, and because of this the people in the society could not raise their voice against this, and there also gets the breakdown. Our government of India should take some action against these and try to maintain their government officers and to do their duties properly. So by all this, our country will be a developed country.

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