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The people who misuse the power of their position, for the personal benefit, is called corruption. It is one of the stupid act performed by selfish people who have various power and sources. Corruption is a crime which is adversely affecting our nation.

Victims Of Corruption

Here in corruption, the people in power take advantage of the common man. The middle class and poor people are victims of this crime. The poison of corruption is spread so widely in our nation that many people are indeed giving up their lives who are unable to tolerate it.

Corruption Is Diseases

Corruption is a type of bugs which never goes away from society. Yes, it can leave us for a while but not forever. This disease has made many people stay in depression, forced to commit suicide, etc.

Corruption In Hospitals

Doctors have been given the place of god, but for the sake of money, there are some doctors or the other employee of the hospital who does the cheat with their profession.

Generally, it is seen in government hospitals where they do the corruption by showing nonavailability of medicine, or changing the first drug with duplicate, doing the unnecessary operation, etc.

Income Tax Department

In India, we have heard many cases. For individual tax or treatment; the officers do corruption.

Driving License

Many of the new drivers, are unable to drive properly but apply for the license and in spite of knowing the truth, for the sake of some money, they permit the license. The officers of the RTO are here played with the life of the driver and others.

In The Education System

If there are two students, one has scored 90% marks and are eligible for the entrance exam, whereas another one has scored 65% but is capable of paying the money from under the table, then the student will get easy admission rather than the student who scored 90%.

Anti-Corruption Laws

Here are some of the anti-corruption laws made by the government, if anyone is facing the same can claim any of these.

Right To Information

The 2005 act of right to information claims that every person has the right to know the truth behind every matter and commission. Due to this, the rate of corruption has reduced to some extent.

The Lokpal And The Lokayukta Act  

The Lokpal act came into force since 16th January 2014. The act is done for the inquiry of the corruption allegation against public functionaries.

Comparison Between The Government Job And Private Job

No doubt, the government job gives us the chance to serve our mother nation and even after the death of the person, the other family member future is secured. But, it is a very tough matter to become a government employee.

Only the people who have a stronger background can appear for the same, as even after clearing the entrance test for a government job, that higher officer asked for the corruption.

Nowadays, private sector job is much better than the government job as private one give the place to the one who deserves that, basis on the qualification.


The human being has forgotten their responsibility; for them everything is money. One should raise voice to uproot this social crime.

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