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Corruption in society is the major problem that has prevailed from time to time in one form or the other. Mainly corruption is done by the well-known big leaders of our society, and these people cause great damage to our society.

In today’s world, the main scenario is that the people who do their work properly without corruption and unrecognizable in our society and these people consider as a foolish in our society and those people who take the corruption and do their work illegally has a great impact on the society.

This corruption is mainly done by the political parties and between the criminals. In today’s date corruption has become a local thing that can be done as easily.

An example of corruption is that if someone wants a government job and if he is not eligible for it he pays the extra money that is corrupt money to get the job, and he can easily get the government job.

Factors That Cause Corruption  

The major factor for the corruption is that the living of the human being mostly nowadays the people want to live a luxurious life without any of the hard work and want to get their work easily done, and for this, they give money to do their work, and it causes the corruption in our society.

The values that were thought to us has been destroyed and does not follow this today’s world; this corruption has also been done in the educational systems also.

On the other hand, if a government employee has got a low salary, so he also does the corruption by taking the corrupt money from the people who want to do any kind of government works and it cannot get possible, so they give money to the employee for the government work to be get done.

Mainly the political parties are corrupting the society they earn money through illegal ways and does not care about society.

Because of this political parties pressure the people of the society does not raise any voice against the corruption and let it go as it is going to these people get more power and it corrupts the society.

Measures To Control Corruption 

Some measures have also been taken to control corruption such as the Right to Information Act. In these right to information act, the government has given all the information about the taxes we have paid and what they do with the tax money all the information is provided under these act.

Because of this action was undertaken by the government one can mend their views and can also be able to ask about any problems.

Another measure that has been taken by the government is that the central vigilance commission in this act if there any complaint that is filed against the corruption this takes the responsibility and sort all the problems that have been caused.

There have also been strong laws against this corruption, and many justice places have been opened for this which makes no place for the guilty people to get escaped.

By all this government is making a strong note on this point of against corruption and trying to remove it overall from the society.

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