Conservation Of Oil And Gas

Essay On Conservation Of Oil And Gas And Relevant For Students & Children

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What Is Natural Gas?

The resources which we get, under the surface of the earth is called has natural gas. It consists the variety of the flammable gas largely contain methane and other hydrocarbons like nitrogen, carbon dioxide which is naturally found in the atmosphere. Natural gas is mainly used as fuel for generating electricity and heat.

Natural gas is mainly used for many such purposes that is like in the vehicles, household purpose, electricity and many other uses can be done. When the natural gas is extracted they are in impure form then it is used in a pure form. There are two types of natural gas form they are as follows:

  1. LNG which are used for the exporting purpose.
  2. CNG which are used for the domestic purpose.

Conservation Of Natural Gas


Mainly the natural gas and minerals oil which is extracted from the ground are non-renewable sources of the energy. Conserving the natural resources is that they are been reserved or stored in a better and sufficient manner for the long uses for the humans and also the coming up generation.

We should always respect our economic and we should not unnecessarily waste it, protecting the god gift resources is the first responsibility. There are various such countries which are not getting the resources which are available in India, they are importing it from our country.

India is that country which has all the resources available in much more quantity but the people ignore it and waste it as much as they want. The consumption of the oil and the natural gas are now decreased by about 3%.

Method of conserving the natural resources

The enclosed burning materials which are used for the purpose of heating the things in high temperature should be changed by the professionals once per month.

  • There is various technology upgrade for the purpose of storing the energy which can turn down the energy power to the normal so that they can be conserved.
  • If the water heater is used in the home than they should be set in normal degree temperature has the cost of the energy will be saved. A solar heater can also be used for the purpose of using the energy
  • To cook the food faster way and also to save the energy so we should put the lid so that it can be used and also the energy will be saved

These are few methods that can conserve the resources in an efficient manner.

Resources which we have to conserve

  1. Water:


Water is that natural sources which are easily available on the earth surface, there is only 2-1/2 percent of fresh water is available. Potable water is only efficient to drink. Ice melts and the rainwater is conserved for the purpose of the potable water.

  1. Oil:

Conservation Of Oil

Oil is that resources which can be extracted from the ground and they are very limited in nature so to conserve it many of the methods are used. There are many of the areas which are yet to be discovered. Example are the petroleum, diesel, crude, oil etc are been extracted.

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