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We all are aware that as humans are important in this environment the same way, there is the importance of the wildlife species and the animals and the plants. There is an equal balance of these two for the balancing of the ecosystem.

There should be the conservation of the wildlife because for the seeing and the enjoyment of the next generation. The wildlife is essential, but they have been in danger due to humans only. And the damage to wildlife is also causing due to humans for the earning of the profits.

Major Problem To Wildlife

There are many of the problem caused to the wild animals in the forest due to the problem caused by humans. Some of the species are in danger due to the pollution that occurred by the people, changes in the climate unnecessarily due to global warming create the problem to some of the species.

Some of the species are of specific habitat so if there are the changes in the climate, and there arises the death of the animals and the plants.

There are some of the humans who hunt the animals which are very much accessible, and after capturing there part have been sold, and they look out for the best profit. The uncertain of the hunting of the animals cause the less the species in the ecosystem.

Pollution done by humans, have to suffer to both the humans and the animals and also the plants are affected. There is a lot of loss of the animals due to the pollution in the air and the water.

When the animals are used for the clothing, foods, pets, medicine, sports, if there is the more use of the species in much of the things, than sure, there will be no more often species alive in the ecosystem. This is called as the overexploitation of the ecosystem.

Cutting of the tree also causes many of the problem to the wildlife in the forest, if the tree has been cut down than there are many of the birds settled, they get died due to which there should be the proper maintenance of the forest, and there should be the appropriate conservation of the animals in the woods.

The increasing of the population also affect the wildlife in the forest, if the population increase than there is the cutting down of the trees from the wood and there will be the work of the construction.

If the home of the animals has been taken, then there will be the death of the animals, or they come to the place where the humans have been settled, and there will be the lots of the problem faced by the animals and also the humans.

Government Measures

Some of the measurement should be taken by the government which will help nature, and there will be some of the balance in the ecosystem. In 1972, the Government of India enacted a law called the Wild Life (Protection) Act.

This act influence on the NGOs for the animals which have been very in quantity in our country like the tiger. So there are the measures taken by the government for the betterment of the wildlife and the conservation of the wildlife.

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