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Conservation of natural resources means the proper utilization of natural resources and also the proper management to manage natural resources. Conservation of natural resources like air, water, and trees is very important.

Conservation of natural resources does not only me to manage the quantity of a natural resource but also the quality of the natural resources, for example, the quality of the air should be good that is it should not be polluted because polluted air make the environment dirty.

Conservation of natural resources also means the preservation of natural resources. There are various natural resources available on the earth, for example, the forest which contains trees plants and animals, the oceans and freshwater lakes which are and use the resource of water and aquatic animals.

Types Of Conservation

There are various types of conservation of natural resources. The conservation of water is a very important conservation as nobody can live without water.

The freshwater is consumed by using it properly and not wasting it and also by maintaining the water bodies for the effective conservation of water. Water pollution also decreases the availability of water, and it is necessary to get control over water pollution.

After water conservation, the another most important conservation is the soil conservation in which the quantity and the quality of the soil are managed by maintaining the fertility of the soil as the soil is an important thing to grow various life such as trees, plants for food.


There are various methods of conservation of natural resources. The deforestation which decreases the forest cover is tackled by planting more trees and taking care of the forest cover.

The overutilization of the natural resources should be ignored, and they should be used in a proper amount rather than wasting natural resources. Also, the waste should be managed so that it will not pollute the ecosystem.

The main and the important is the rainwater harvesting which helps in the conservation of water resources and also helps in fighting with the scarcity of water.

The energy must be conserved, and also plan should be made to prevent the visiting of the energy, for example, the electric energy should be conserved. Rather than using the natural resources, again and again, it should be recycled again for reuse which will maintain the number of natural resources.


Conservation of natural resources is very important as if they are not conserved there might be a scarcity of the natural resources in the future which might lead to an end of the world. The natural resources they fulfill the daily needs of our life and also they are available in a limited quantity.

Natural resources and huge resources for food and shelter and they provide us with proper Habitat, and they are very important to us. If there is a scarcity of water life would become very hard, and it is impossible to live without water hence the natural resources such as air water and soil should be conserved.

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