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Essay On Conservation Of Natural Resources For Class 4 Students – Read Here

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What Are The Natural Resources

Resources which is available in nature are called natural resources. There are two types of natural resources found in nature. Renewable natural resources and Nonrenewable natural resources.

Air, water, sunlight, woods, etc. are some of the natural resources. It is not doubted, that nature provides the above resources freely, but it is imperative to conserve them or to make the use of these resources wisely.

Types Of Natural Resources

We find two types of natural resources in nature. Firstly the Renewable natural resources and the second one is Nonrenewable resources. Renewable means can be obtained again in the environment but the nonrenewable but which cannot be produced in nature.

However, the renewable class is further divided into two categories. One is that renewable resource which can obtain in a short duration and the other one which takes time for their production.

As like the Renewable source, some of the nonrenewable sources of energy are available in huge quantity, but some of them are limited. There is a high demand for a nonrenewable source of energy, and hence it is depleting fast from nature.

Conservation Of Energies Is Necessary:

Important For Human Survival

Except for all other planets, only earth is a world were living being could survive because the natural resources but day by day theses natural resources are getting depleted rapidly, and if it will going to continue, our future generation will not be able to see the world.

Resources Available Are Limited

They are freely available in nature but are limited; we should use these resources according to the need, just it is free, we should not waste, it is because if natural resources that human being is living on the earth.

Ways To Save Resources:

Saving Water

Many people make improper use of water. They forget that the clean water is limited which we use for drinking, cooking and cleaning purpose. We can conserve these natural resources by making a change in daily life; one can put the tap immediately off if there is no need for water.

Should water the plant by the shower, should educate the children of the home, about the conservation of water.

Saving Fuel

Unnecessary burning of fuel in the outing should be stopped. One should travel by public transport instead of using private cars or bikes.

Saving Electricity

It is not an easy task to produce electricity; it needs a large amount of fossil fuel to be processed for the production of power. If we conserve heat, the production rate of the same will be slowed down, and these can save natural sources.

One should put the light and fans immediately off when not in use. Similarly making less use of washing machine, air conditioners can help.


To live a better life and to give the same to our future generation, we should conserve the natural resources and also must pass on this message to others.

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