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Our nature as provided us the many things which make human life very easy and comfortable. It is the duty of the human being too, to take care of these natural resources. As it is available freely in nature we should not waste it.

To give a better life to the future generation conservation of these natural resources is very much important. Natural resources are the greatest treasure of nature, various methods should be adopted to conserve the same.

What Is Fuel

When the substance goes under the process of combustion, it produces the usable energy and this is known as the fuel. Conservation of the fuel is very much necessary for a better future.

Properties Of The Fuel

If we talk about the ideal fuel it is generally low in cost. It can burn easily. When the ideal fuel burns it produces a large amount of energy. In the conservation of fuel, the ideal fuel is very much important as it is renewable in nature.

Types Of Fuels

Depending upon the state of the fuel and occurrence, the fuel can be divided into two categories.

State division: Solid, Liquid and Gaseous.

Solid Fuel

Theses fuel remain in the solid state at the room temperature. For example, Wood, Coal, etc. If processes with the eat, the changes occur in their state.

Liquid Fuel

When the remainder of the dead plants and animals exposed to the heat and the pressure, the liquid fuel is formed. Example. Alcohol, Tar, petroleum, Oil, etc.

Gaseous Fuel

Last but not least is the gaseous fuel, it occurs in nature itself. Most of the gaseous fuel is a composition of Hydrocarbons, carbons, etc. The example of the above is hydrogen gas, coal gas, etc.

Steps For The Conservation

Coal and petroleum are the fuel which is a nonrenewable source of energy. It means we cannot obtain these resources again from nature. Instead of using these resources people should switch to another source such as solar energy, natural gas, and also the wind energy.

One should make the use of public transport instead of using private cars, it will reduce the wastage of fuel and also reduce the level of pollution.

For a generation of electricity, the preference should be given to solar energy, also windmill can be used for the production of the same.

Primarily the education should be passed to the ordinary people about the consumption and conservation of the fuel. The various workshop and seminar can help to a great level.

Wastage of the electricity should be stopped immediately. Planting many more tree can conserve the fuel such as wood. Planting a tree also reduces the pollution level and global warming.

The main cause of the depletion of natural fuel is the ever-growing population. The population should be controlled, the government should make a programme for the awareness of the public.


The overuse of the fuel will cause a disturbance in nature. Human should make wise use of the fuel for the good future.

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