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What Is The Conclusion Of Global Warming  

Nowadays there are many environmental issues which are growing in their complexities, also in their size lead to mankind on earth for the threatening of survival.

Including economic growth and development, growth of population, agricultural intensification, urbanization, and transportation are the various factors which are driven for the environmental changes.

A big threat to the mankind now becomes an environmental degradation. One of the most significant issues is emerged by global warming. Since the pre-industrial era, both the climate of the earth has been changed they whether they are global and on a regional scale.

Due to the burning of fossil fuels, it is about the growth of greenhouse which results in motor transportation as well as in industrial activities, hence, due to this in the atmosphere, there are building up of the carbon dioxide levels.

Climate Condition

Carbon dioxide is worse build which is made by rising forest lost, which is a role like “carbon sinks” which release and absorb the gases and prevent it in the atmosphere.

The most international issue in our period is global warming. In responding to the climate change there are three options .i.e. adaptation, prevention and mitigation traditional.

For some period of time prevention has not remained an option, but when it does not work when science is in all credible. Global warming can cause the adaptation in response to the ills while mitigation is an act of prevention.

Almost 20 % percent of greenhouse emission of global gas is the degradation of forest, deforestation, pasture conversion, fires, logging destructively, development of the infrastructure, etc. are greater than the entire secondary as well as global sectors.

The 2 responses are unnecessary independent of each other. How efficiently and effectively the energy is used by an economy which is one of the measures of the intensity of energy of the economy. Since mostly 80% percent of carbon dioxide emission of the energy use account it I more than this percent.

Effects And Impact Of Global Warming 

It Effects On The Weather

There are some changes occur in the weather due to global warming. Some changes are near term and some changes are long term projections.

It Physically Impacts

In physical system human-induced the warming it leads to large scale, abrupt changes, and irreversible. With an increase in the rate, magnitude, and also climatic duration.

Effects On Extreme Climate

The environment is caring for extreme events and also human society varies lead to great impact. Almost all the impacts will mostly negative.

Water Resources

There is a number of climates which is affected by global warming to the water resource.


Global warming may affect human health, which exposed to the changing climatic condition.

Aggregate Impact

It adds up the total impact with the change in the climate across the various sectors and regions. Since the 1973s, global loses rapidly the rising cost because of extreme weather.

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