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The constant use of computers and their benefits has involved human being in a radical way with the use of technology in all the breadth of the senses, what is called automation of the various tasks is dragging human to a place that for some of them it is impossible for man to assimilate without the help of this technology.

Are Computers Creativity Or Automation?

We can from an independent point of view identify the evolution of artificial intelligence systems that, like all origins, were the ideas of people with a futuristic mentality that in its time was taken as fiction and that nowadays there is a very different future in which we are an active part.

Computers In Education

Huma being has considered it important that all people have the possibility to interact with the tools.

It is really evident that computers are having an impact of unimaginable proportions in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeducation, and the effect in the future is predicted, will increase; If this trend will have a positive contribution to the life of the student, it will depend to a large extent on the way in which the teacher can use it as a tool in his daily work.

Computers-Fundamental Part Of Development

It is not strange that when referring to a computer we see it as that machine specially designed to perform calculations, however, this concept has evolved to the degree that Computing is a universe of different areas in which the human being is obliged to be a fundamental part of the development of it, based on a particular area.

Revolutionalizing The System

The creation of computers has come to revolutionize our way of life in such a way that wherever we travel or live we will need to use them either directly or indirectly.

Currently, being able to manipulate a computer opens the doors to various opportunities, whether professional or personal. We totally agree with the professor and engineer that computers are not perse’s educational instruments and benefit.


The evolution of information technology has come to evolve humanity’s form of communication and it will continue to evolve to unsuspected levels because in most cases technological evolution has reached the level that human beings have become.

Human Memory

our short-term memory is strongly limited by the exercise we perform, for example, it is very difficult for us to remember every face we see and the details of that person, but the computer works differently from the human being. The computer has great storage and it remembers everything.

The computer gives the accurate and proper output of the given task in the shorter span.


Computers as essential tools in everyday life are a source of inspiration that invites us every moment to do a better job.

The development of artificial intelligence by man has led him to be used as a model to imitate. The rapid development of intelligence will change the way we communicate with each other.

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