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Essay On Computer For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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A computer is an electronic device, which is Programmable and it is used to solve various daily life problems and get their solutions. The modern computers are electronic and digital.

A computer is made up of wires transistors, and circuit also called as hardware and set of instructions and that is called as software, in short computer is a combination of particular hardware and software used for its efficient working.

There are different types of computers, a personal computer which is small and mid for a single user, a workstation which is a powerful and also a single user computer but it has more powerful hardware for efficient working, a Mainframe computer which is a powerful multiuser computer on which many users work simultaneously, a supercomputer which is an extremely fast computer which performs hundreds of millions of instructions per second.


The first computer was invented in the year of 1613 and was only used for calculation purpose.

The purpose of computers the remains same until an of 19th century when the industrial revolution gave rise to machines in 1822 Charles Babbage developed the first computer known as analytical engine, it contained an arithmetic logic unit a basic flow control and punch cards and integrated memory, but Charles Babbage was not able to complete the function of computer because of financial problems.

In 1910 Henry Babbage the son of Charles Babbage was able to complete the function of computer and was able to perform basic calculations.

After this many generations of the computer came, the first generation computers which were electronic computer and were made up of vacuum tubes and they were a huge size and also complex.

The second generation of computers came with transistors replacing the vacuum tube due to which the size became small and used to consume less electricity.

Then came 3rd Generation in which integrated circuits invented which were very smaller and they gradually decrease the size of the computer with increased functionality.


The computer has many advantages it is used to do work of many peoples. It works very fast, and the result is perfect.

Nowadays computers are used to do many daily life works such as paying bills, gathering information.

The main use of computer today has become the source of communication with each other and also a source of entertainment.

The computer has taken many places of people to lie first security the CCTV I use rather than using the number of security guards. The computers have also reduced the number of employees in a company.


With so many advantages there are also some disadvantages of computers. A computer has also increased unemployment as it has taken many works.

The organizations also prefer to use computers rather than human as a computer does not need money to work it only needs electricity to work which is very cheap rather than working people.

A computer also has made people very lazy and most of the people with their full time using a computer which is very bad for the health and also their life.

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