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Computer teaching plays a vital role in the modern system of education. Internet is a good option for students from which they can search for data/ required information for the reference, it quite easier for all the people to find the required information from the internet.

The computer is an electronic device, by which old-time says it was used to calculate, but now-a-day its meaning has been changed. The computer is not only useful to calculate but also useful for finding out data from it.

Education is about taking knowledge, learning skills, etc. it is also important for the teachers, learners, etc. to gain/ grab it. The role of computer education in our life is very vital/ significant, by which we can become smarter, more thinker, creative, etc.

that is very important in once life and also help to increase a confidant. Education plays a very vital role in our life and also for developing a career.

Importance Of Computer Education:

Improves Performance Of Students

Nowadays all students use a computer for their education, they improve their skills and are in progress and performance in the exam more steadily and can able to perform better than other students who are not using the computer.

Can Able Search Easily

The technology is now increasing day by day by which people can search the information and it is much easy to find the required data. There is no need to refer to the textbook.

Long decades ago, the students are in a search of history by going to the library or in a book store, so it is much easy to find/ research the history from the computer.


It makes the learning process much easier and efficient, and by this students can grab the marks in the school. By computer, students can able to send the work to their teacher also some people can able to discuss their business matters by this technology.


Most of the students are benefited by this technology and computer by making it easy for the students and all people. They can able to use computers for studying their lessons and can learn to start the word, excel, Powerpoint, etc.

Some Of The Uses Of Computer  

People can able to watch the videos.

People can able to play computer games online/ offline.

They can able to do the jobs from home.

Can use the computer in the business work in marketing and in the stock exchange.

Can usable for entertainment purpose.

Can use for the medical field such as hospital management system, patients monitoring, keeping the record of patience .i.e. patience history.

Can useful for sports, business, medicinal, science, for writer, defencing purpose, government, etc.

Benefits :

Cost – effective website creation and access.

At an alarming rate, tools are improving.

One can learn from this technique.

Preference for students.

Education experience can personalize by the instructor.

Access to knowledge.

The industry of teaching is ready for emerging technology.

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