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The man has been using a computer for the last 70 years. The computer is the most usable device among all. A computer can accept all the input in the form of data and gives out the result.

Difference Between Human And Computer

A computer is capable of solving the multitask at a time without any complaint. As the human brain works with the minute nerve to give back the answer in the same way the very small electrical circuits work to give the output.

The difference between human and computer is, the human takes lots of time in giving an answer and that also not sure but the computer gives accurate output within a seconds.


Between 1833 to 1871, it was the British Mathematician Charles Babbage who invent the first electronic computer.

Helping In The Modern Age

The invention of Charles Babbage has proved a great blessing for us. In modern time, we cannot imagine us to be completed without the help of the computer. Modern man has got fully depend on the electronic device.

Let us see the vast application of computer;

Education Field

Many institutes and schools are taking the help of the computer to teach them digitally, as it is very easy to make the children understand through practicals. Audio and video lectures are introduced or students.

Nowadays pursuing a degree through online mode is very common and this happens only because of the computer. The computer has become a great platform for the teacher as well as for the students.

Ebook, newspaper, youtube there are many options available on the internet through which if an individual wants to learn anything, can easily go for it.

Education industry as made vast improvement with the help of computers.


The business can easily grow their business with the help of the computer. The big profitable sites facebook, amazon, youtube is created with the use of computer and internet.

A business person cannot imagine their work to be done without the use of a computer. The Microsoft office which is neet to make documents, the sheet can be made by working on the computer.

The big example of a business which is carried out by the computer is Freelancing. The person rapidly making their way in the business with the help of the internet and computers.

Banking Sector

Banks are the one which is completely dependent on the computer as it fulfills the accurate demands of the customers. Wile doing the cash application, the bankers put the account number of the accountholder checks the name and does the further procedure.

The overall process of the banking sector depends on the computer.


Now, even if we are far away from our relatives, we can communicate with them in a minute with the help of the computer. There are many options available like video calling, E-mail facebook which can be operated with computers.


Uman being as got fully dependent on computers. It is a great blessing to mankind.

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