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A competitive examination is an examination where candidates are ranked as per their grades. If the study is open for n positions, then the first n candidates in ranks pass, the others are rejected.

They are used as entrance examinations for university and college admissions or to secondary schools — another type, civil service examinations, required for positions in the public sector; the U.S.

Foreign Service Exam, The United Nations Competitive Examination, UPSC mains, state-level PSC mains, SBI PO, SBI Associate PO, IB ACI, Insurance AO papers, etc. that require writing essays.

The essays asked to cover topics from socio-economic, to political, to international relations, etc. or the issues that are usually requested, require some thinking on your part. If you have a base for the same, then only you can write it.

The important thing, by keeping yourself updated with the recent happenings in your surroundings. Read newspapers and magazines, try to read and understand the editorials from newspapers. The editorials give you not only the info but also the analysis and views of eminent persons.

 Structure Of The Essay

You need to keep in mind three important points before you start to write:

To keep length within the word limit

How you will correlate facts and structure your essay logically

And of course, command on the language and a useful vocabulary

Details: you need to be clear about your views. Do not go beating around the bush. You show your mastery weave good word nets but be careful not to overdo. Once you get into the mode of writing, you have your points ready, the flow comes. Three hundred words and the time frame you set seem to fall short.

Command over language: You need not put in jaw-crackling words to put your point though. Easy enough words do the trick. It is how well you can draw up comparisons and how well you can master up sentences to put your point through those counts.

How Will You Start?

For writing an essay, first 5 mins you should spend quickly reading the topics and then deciding which problem you have the best knowledge about and hence the best chance of scoring good and gathering up all the points that come to your mind.

Writing intro and conclusion should be done with utmost care.

For example, you are given topics: a) Social responsibility of Banks b) The Kashmir crisis
Now reading the problem won’t take more than a few seconds but understanding the topic and deciding for which you have more scoring points, evidence to support your views and form a strong opinion that is where your time management skills come.

In the first topic, you need to know about the CSR of banks, how they can help the society what their economic manifestations and their outlook are. It is always better if you have info about the recent works of some banks in that arena and the statistics if any.

Coming to the second topic, the Kashmir crisis you need you to know the geopolitical scenario of Kashmir why has it been a bone of contention between the neighboring countries, a bit of history of Kashmir how it became annexed to India, the wars that have been fought the recent aggression, the view of the ordinary people living in Kashmir.

Therefore, keeping an essential thing in mind, you can write easy. For that keep updating your knowledge.

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