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From the Latin words the communication is derived from which is communist it means universal, it involves the concept of transfer, and also the meaning and the information of transfer. Hence, communication refers to share the ideas to one or many other people in common.

What Are The Process Of Communication

The process of communication involves the three procedures; they are as follows:


It helps to send or transfer the data or is a transmission device. It helps to encode the messages.


It is the mode or the form of message transmission, and not the message itself. It is a medium between sender as well as the receiver. It acts as a mediator. For instance, it is a spoken word, fiscal expressions videos, gestures, etc. with the help of e-mail and posts it sends the request.


The receiver acquires or receives the messages by reading it or by hearing it, or it can appear on the fax or through the e-mail and voice mail. It is a receiving device. Such as telephones, faxes, written memos, e-mail addresses, etc. can be received by this.

What Are The Modes Of Communication 

The communication can occur either on verbal mode or a non- oral mode in the organization. Every mode has particular characteristics in the organization.

Verbal Communication

The verbal communication refers to the words which are spoken or by orally said. Verbal means not only oral communication but also written communication in the organization.

The Communication By Orally

Being a vivid the spoken words have the potential advantages, and also the stimulation and command the attention in the organization. In any organization, there has been arising in the situation to feel awkward for the receiver or the listeners for the person who speaks to them in the oral types of communication.

One of the most advantages is that one can clear the misunderstandings among the speakers.

In Written Communication

When the messages are put in the writing, in memos, as in letters, in the electronic mails, etc. refers to the written communication in this opportunity of the misunderstandings the sender’s words are decreased.

Non- Verbal Communication

The non- verbal actions, as well as behavior in the organization, may often constitute important messages in the right interpersonal type of communication. In the organization, the whole action range has the potential of communication.

By electronically communication is possible, in the modern days in the organization one of the fastest growing forms of communication has involved such as electronic mails, or the emails, etc. has been emerged in it.

In the organization, in the recent nationwide survey in this 79% of the responsibility indicates to the email which was there number one choice for their communication in the business. Throughout the world, you can send emails or faxes messages simultaneously to many of the people to dozens or also even hundreds.

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