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India is a democratic state. The government has given the right to every citizen, to follow the religion of their choice and if they are not satisfied with the same, they have the right to change it.

Any state yet had not declared an official religion of the same. The Indian constitution respect every religion and community of the nation. Every religion has the right to keep their words.

For the development of any nation, communal harmony should be maintained. If the crisis occurs from the outsider, the citizen of the country should retain harmony among each other. The law is made against those people who will not maintain the communal harmony or tries to break the law related to the same.

God Is One

The creator of this huge universe is the god and it is one and all for the same. Mankind is created by the god, but it didn’t create a different religion. The creator of religion is a human being. Though there are different religion reside in India, they have the feeling of brotherhood for all.

But, there are some people who always try to part away from the children of God in the name of religion, because of this people, many riots happen in India, which took away the life of many innocent people.

Some of the groups try to spread the disharmony. Some of the instances are given below;

Moradabad Riots

This riots occurred in the month of August and ends in the month of November. The reason to happen this riots was some of the Muslim community people starts throwing the stones at police as the cops refused for removal of a pig from the Idgah.

Bhagalpur Riots

The riots occurred in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar. It starts in the month of October 1989 and ends in the month of December. The nearby villages of the Bhagalpur district were adversely affected.

According to the survey it was found that almost 2000 people died and almost 50,000 people were injured badly.

Bombay Riots

These riots happen in the month of December 1992 and it ends in the next year in the month of January. In the riots, almost 1000 people lost their lives from both the Hindu and Muslim community.

Gujarat Riots

The train which was returning from the Ayodhya was burned at the Godhra station. In the riots, almost 1000 people were burnt and lost their lives.

Canning Riots

This riots took place in the month of February 2013. The reason for these riots was the death of the Muslim clerk by the unknown attacker. In return, the Muslim community people burnt the houses of Hindu.

Apart from the above riots, many other riots such as Bharuch riots, Nagpur riots, Sikh riots, Hyderabad riots, Muzzafarpur riots take place


The other state nation of the globe, appreciate the Indian country for its democracy and secularism but sometimes the communal harmony was disturbed due to some reason. There should maintain a mutual understanding between the different communities for the developed nation.

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