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College is an educational institution for higher studies. Students visit colleges to get their higher education. After their last exam in the school, children wait for their results to be declared.

So that they can decide which steam to choose for their higher studies, there are commonly three screams in colleges of arts, commerce, science.

After the results of the school, the students have to take a great decision of which stream to choose for their higher education also which is the better college for them.

But also after finding a better college, there is a problem of admission in better college as they have a higher cut off of percentage.

College provides higher education which helps in developing the students for their future life and also teach them how to work.

In college, there are many cultural activities in which students take part. There are various committees formed by students was the development of their cStudeollege students.


The studies in college or very harder than the school, due to which there is more stress on the students.

Students have to work hard to pass in the college exams, but during college time the students become lazy to study and get diverted too many other activities. Many students go to earn money rather than studying at home.

The college life is also known as adventurous life as the students learn many new things in the colleges.

Students learn many things such as how to talk to teachers and how to behave in class.

The students in the college are not given pressure for studying, but the students get the stress during the exam when they study and prepare for the exam in a short time.

According to the National college help assessment post,-2015 show that almost 30% of a student having negatively affected in the academic year due to stress.


There are various Adventures available to the students during the college years as they learn many new things.

The students also move on adventures like camping and industrial visits from their college, but many students don’t go to the industrial visits and camping due to the higher fees for the camp and industrial visits.

The first day of college is the auspicious day in the college life of the student as on this day the students meet new friends and also meet new teachers who are going to teach them in their College Days.

Students not only visit two different areas from the school but they also go out and visit new places with their friends, and they are now independent to move anywhere and have the freedom as they have become mature enough to do what is right.

College In India  


There are various top colleges in India to receive higher and quality education. The admission in this stop colleges is very very difficult as they need students with higher percentage school in the board exams.

There are also some better colleges, but the admission fees of these colleges are very high due to which students are not able to get an education in better colleges.

But in India, there are seats reserved for the backward classes students in the colleges, and also the fees for them is made very low.

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