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Co-education is a system or type of education in which the boys and girls are educated together.

Today this type of education that is co-education is followed by almost all of the school in the countries, but there are some exceptions like girls hostel in which only girls are allowed for getting education and boys hostels in which only boys are allowed to take education.

Co-education is economical as it provides a good opportunity to the boys and girls for a better future which helps in the development of a country.

Co-education also helps in learning to respect each other and also the sense of co-operation, it also helps in developing the coordination between everyone. The education system does not discriminate between girls and boys.

Co-education also provides and a great opportunity to the girls for getting an education as the education of girls is mostly neglected.

Before the girls were not allowed to get an education as they didn’t have separate School for Girls, there were only schools for boys.


During olden days mostly boys were only given a chance to get an education rather than girls they were told to do household works.

In older society, the education system was only for boys. The education was very rare for women in a few places in the ancient world.

Before the 19th century, most of the schools were only for a single gender. The first coeducational School was baled school founded by John Hadden badly which was situated in England and was a public boarding school.

Advantage Of Coeducation

Education has many advantages for both girls and boys, it develops mutual respect to each other and develops the behavior of children’s among each other, coeducation also helps a to overcome the fear of talking with opposite gender that is the children may feel shy to talk with their opposite gender, which also helps in developing a self-esteem which helps in facing all types of personality in your life.

Co-education also increases the competition between boys and girls for learning which increases the ability of children to learn.  It also has no space for discrimination between boys and girls they both are treated equally.

When both of the genders are educated in the same school, there are good possibilities for learning a disciplined use of language and also the proper behavior and a proper dressing sense.


As there are many advantages there are also little disadvantages, in coeducation especially teenagers go under various distractions as they are undergoing many psychological changes and they feel attracted towards the opposite gender and does not focus on the studies.

As both genders are learning in the same class, there are many chances of unwanted arguments which create and bad environment for studies.

Coeducation was awarded as the attraction among the opposite gender is usual. There are also chances of taking the place of crime when both the gender I learning in the same class and have to fight with each other for each other.

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