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Cleanliness is next to godliness as it is a habit or state of the surrounding or our self that is a state of being clean and free from dirt, so cleanliness is good.

Cleanliness is only achieved by the cleaning activity by cleaning yourself and our surrounding by various activities.

Cleanliness is a good habit to leave a very good and healthy life. We should understand and make other people understand that cleanliness is not someone else responsibility it’s our responsibility to be cleaned and make surrounding clean.

Cleanliness should be started from our home itself and schools colleges and societies and different organizations. Cleanliness is not a one-day activity it should be done every day to keep everything clean; we should clean everything daily.

It is the greatest virtue which should be followed by every individual to enhance their standard of life. Cleanliness should be done peacefully and happily but sometimes rather than doing it forcefully which is not done properly.

The habit of cleanliness should be inculcated in small children during their small age. Cleanliness helps in keeping the diseases away from us which keeps our health good.

Rules Of Cleanliness

There are various rules of cleanliness the main rule is using clean things for cleaning other things if we use dirty things to clean something it will make the other things also dirty.

The toilet should be separated from the house and should have doors to prevent diseases and infections. After using toilets, the hand should be washed with hand wash rather than soap.

There should be the availability of first aid material in your house or your organization to prevent infection due to an injury.

Everything should be washed after they are used to prevent from generating bad bacteria and increasing their production which might be harmful to us.

Effects Of Cleanliness

There are many positive effects of cleanliness on the environment and also on our body. Cleanliness keeps the disease and infections away from us and helps us in living a clean and beautiful life.

Cleanliness also helps us in psychological and physical development. If the food is clean and nutritious, it is needed to eat it with a washed hand to get all the nutrients and keeping away the diseases.

A clean environment also gives us a fresh feeling which always keeps us fresh and helps us in living a better life. It also helps in getting relief from the stress.


Cleanliness is very important for a healthy life. The elderly people never used to eat before bathing and doing their worship which made them fit.

Cleanliness also has important role-playing in the development of the country. Cleanliness provides employment to many individuals hence also resolve the problem of unemployment and reduces poverty.

The clean environment encourages people to do better works because it helps in reducing stress and help people in focusing on their work.

It also plays a vital role in living a hygienic life which reduces the risk of disease and infections from the surrounding. Cleanliness promotes the development of the country.

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Updated: February 13, 2019 — 5:41 am

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