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Essay On Christmas For Class 4 Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Christmas is the biggest festival of the Christian Community. This festival is celebrated every year on December 25. This was the day when about a thousand years ago a great saint called Jesus Christ was born. They are considered to be the birthplace of Christianity. He gave a message of love and brotherhood to the human community.

Mass And Prayers

The festival of Christmas is celebrated all over the world. In the countries of the world who live in the Christian religion, they celebrate this festival very enthusiastically. They go to church on this day and make special prayers and also perform parties, family get-together and mass.

Hanging Of The Jesus

He remembers his beloved Jesus who was hanged on the cross at some point. But Jesus was resurrected again. This was a great miracle. Behind this miracle, there was a sense of public welfare. It was a feeling that peace and happiness should be transported to a depressed man. For those who had crucified him, he prayed to the Lord that he is God! Forgiving them does not know what they are doing.

Stories Of The Miracle

Jesus Christ is also known as Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ. The stories of their miracles and teachings are described in the Bible. He taught people to live together, with love. He had said that all humans are the descendants of one God, so do not hurt anyone.

Jesus Blessed Everyone With His Blessing

He blinded the blind, gave ear to the Eagles, healed the lame. Take all the sins of the world over to them and theirs

Pure Share The people who liked these things became their disciples. Some people who were arrogant and ignorant, they got annoyed with them and hanged them on the gallows. Today the whole world sees them with respect.

Preparation for The Celebration

The festival of Christmas is a festival to celebrate happiness. Christians prepare for it for several days. The house is cleaned, and the house is furnished. New furniture is purchased at home. New clothes are made to wear on Christmas Day. Cakes and sweets are ordered in shops.

Decorated Market

Everyone welcome the guests and guest commutes in the house. The markets are decorated. In December, there is cold weather, but people’s enthusiasm is seen.

The Decoration Of The Church

After all, the holy day of Christmas came. In the house, it started in the morning. Naha – started preparing to go to church. The church was also decorated. Their candles were burning; People were praying in front of Jesus Pastors were practicing puja-rituals. The somewhere religious discourse was going on, so there was a mass prayer. Vatican’s Pope was telling the masses about religion and faith. The bells of the church looked paler than today.


Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness, not only the children but also the adult and old age people eagerly wait for the festival. Everyone seems happy and in pleasure.

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