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Christianity is the third largest religion in India, with 24 million followers, 2.3% of the population. However, it is not the preponderant belief. It has been the influence of the West.

Birth Of Jesus Christ

Christmas commemorates, in the most religious sense, the birth of Jesus, the Messiah or son of God. Although it may seem like an exclusively Christian party, the truth is that all religions and cultures celebrate Christmas in some way. For Christianity, Christmas is the birth of Jesus, a festival that begins on December 24 and ends with the arrival of the Magi of the East.

Although Christmas has a purely religious meaning, beyond creeds, people from all over the world celebrate it every December 25 together with family and friends. They bring the most marked dates of the year closer.

Perfect Time With Family And Friends

Christmas is the ideal excuse to get together with family and friends and feel grateful.

Christmas is the most important celebration of Christianity and consists of the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. However, not only do religious celebrate that reason all over the world, people gather with friends and family to celebrate on that date. Each one was respecting their different traditions.

Jewish Tradition

All religions celebrate the birth and arrival of Jesus, although they do not consider him the true son of God. In the Jewish religion, Christmas is called Hanukkah and commemorates the birth of Jesus as one of the prophets of God. For them, the authentic Messiah has not yet been born and that is why they do not celebrate the arrival of Christ, but the festival of lights. The hanuk√° is celebrated just like Christmas during the month of December

Lamps At Christmas

In some houses, the candles are also replaced by small clay lamps with fuel, which are located near the door, on the rails, and around the tree. It is a true festival of lights.

Prayer And Mass

On Christmas Eve, Christian families come to mass or attend theatre plays with Christmas themes. There are also carnivals, fairs, open-air parties, and Christmas carols are sung on the streets.

Christmas Tree

Every Christmas tree is decorated with balls, garlands, lights, Christmas cookies, but there is one fundamental thing that can never be missed: the star. The location of the star is fundamental on the tree.

The Arrival Of Santa Claus

Later, “Christmas Baba” or the Old Boy, who sometimes arrives in a colorful rickshaw, opens his big gift bag and gives the children candy and sweets.

In urban areas, it is also possible to see Santa Claus in restaurants and amusement parks.

Christmas in India, which is known as “Bada Din”, which in Hindi means “Big Day” and where Santa Claus is called “Christmas Baba”, has become a significant tradition, where the celebration is lived as one of the most beautiful festivals.


No matter, the festival of Christmas is celebrated with different tradition all over the world, but have the same faith in Christ. People all over the world celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm and joy.

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