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Introduction To Children 

Children is a human being who is below some age limit. In some countries, the age limit is 18 years. The human being is known as children until the age of 18 years, and after 18 years they become an adult and gain some responsibilities.

The word children also describe the relationship between him and his parents that is whatever would be the age of children it will always be children concerning their parents.

Children are known as the gift of God as to why they are born they have a nice heart and behavior they are always happy and make everyone happy.

Children are also known as the future of the country because children’s today will become adults in the future and help in the development of the nation.

The children are the starting face-off human being and after they become an adult. As the children are the future of the country, the country needs to make their children strong and healthy, and hence the country needs to provide education to their children’s.

Education makes the children strong and independent so that they can make a place of themselves in society.

Stages In Children’s Life 

There are various stages in children’s life the first state is known as the baby the human being is known as the baby from the birth till he is two years old this is a time where the baby develop his own body and brain he Learns To Walk the talk and develops and ability to think.

The children of the age of 3 years are known as a toddler at this age the child explores the world and Discover new things during which developmental stage in developed its emotions.

The time between the age of 3 and six years child is known as preschooler as he is learning the new world and also starts formal learning, in this Phase, he Learns basic things of education which helps in learning the higher education.

After this stage of adolescence come which is from 13 years to 18 years at this age, it is also known as a teen.

In this face, the child needs their parent’s attention as various changes take place in this age and this is the age when the speed of development increases in the children.

Life Of Children 

The children’s have a beautiful life they do not have to work they don’t have the tension of tomorrow, all the work is done by parents, and also the tension is taken by the parents. Children’s love toy and they can spend their whole life playing with their toys.

The parents bring toys for the children neglecting their own needs. Parents do many thanks for their children’s and also give many sacrifices for them.

Children’s have the only task of going to school and getting a better education for themselves, but most of the children do not like education.

The life of children is very happy as they spend time with everyone with a family and also friends. Children’s like to play with their friends and have fun.

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