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Childhood is the early age of the child. According to Piaget’s of theory cognitive development, there are four stages of childhood.

The sensorimotor stage is the first state which lasts from the birth to the age of 2 Hindi stage then I’ll experience the world and gain knowledge through the pencil and also learn the movement of their body.

The preoperational is the second stage of childhood which is from age of 2 years to 7 years in this state the child come and contact with symbolic play and they learn to manipulate symbols which are being observed in the increase of playing and pretending.

The concrete operational stage is the third stage which lasts from age of 7 to the age of 11 it is a major state has in this stage the children Learns the ability of a proper conversation and develops problem-solving logic and gets the ability to think.

After the age of 12, the formal operational stage gets started English test the child Learns operational thinking and get the talent of manipulating ideas in their mind.

Life During Childhood   

In childhood, the children’s have more fun than adulthood as they don’t have any tension or responsibilities in their life and they live a happy life. In childhood, there are many activities like playing game indoor and outdoor with friends.

The most important part is the summer vacation in which they do not have to study and no need to go to school they just have to play and visit their villages our native places. In childhood, most of the children’s do not like their schools as they have to go there and study which was very boring.

For students used to like taking part in school activities such as dancing, singing, and various other activities. The memories of childhood have their own place in the life.

In childhood children, ‘s have many dreams which they want to be fulfilled but they forget their dream as they become adult but some of them follow that dream and fulfill it.

Childhood Adventures 

In childhood, everyone had adventures learning new things with all friend. We used to play new games everyone used to share their stories and also dear food with us.

We have many Adventures visiting new places meeting new friends. In childhood, we had our main goal to win the games and play games every day.


Childhood is the most important part in which the child Learns things to improve their future and which gets over and never come back.

During childhood, proper care should be taken of the child as we will learn most of the things from his childhood and will apply in his life and follow the things in the future. Childhood for parents is like giving shape to the life of the children.

The words will become less if we speak on childhood because everyone among us has gone through this phase and had much fun in our childhood and we didn’t have any problem because that was solved by our parents.

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