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Essay On Child Education For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Education plays a very important role in building the personality of an individual.

It also helps in improving knowledge and ability to live the life happily and successfully. Child education is about educating the child during his small age.

Every child has the right to educate himself from his birth, and he must learn good things from not only his school but also from the family and Society.

Education is a better way to acquire knowledge and improve yourself and your lifestyle. It gives us the training to leave our whole life and catch all the opportunities in our life. Proper education gives us are career goal in our life.

Childs Early Education  

The first two years of childbirth are spent to create his sense to identify himself and differentiate between themselves and other individuals. During the start of life, they learn how to behave with other people.

Parents can be seen as the children’s first teacher educating the child the integral part of there life learning process is also known as Sanskar. Early education is influential to there further education of that child

Impotence Of Child Education   

Without education, life becomes aimless that is we do not have any goals or dreams to achieve, so it is very important to become educated in our life.

Some people did not receive the chance to educate themselves, and now they are uneducated and leaving a life which is painful because they have no knowledge and they have to work whatever they get to do to earn for the daily needs.

Child education also helps the child why getting his higher education because it becomes easy for the child to understand the concepts of education.

Child Education In India   

Every country develops its education system for their young generation. In India, there is a law of the right to education in which every child has the right to get the education from the government school, but the Government of India has not been successful in providing facilities of education to the children’s from rural areas.

The right to education also states that every state should provide free and compulsory education to all the children of the age of 6 to the age of 40 years and the 86th amendment also says that the state should provide early childhood care and education for all the children’s until they complete their age of 6 years

Issues Related To Child Education   

One of the common issues in child education is that the parents did not have much financial status to give their child education, but the government has provided free education then also the parents do not send them to get the education instead of they sent them to do labor work.

Labour work is one of the biggest issues in child education as the child start earning at an early age for his life for daily needs.

Even if the child goes to school to receive the education he is not able to get the education due to the family problems and financial problems because he thinks earning is more important then getting the education.

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