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History Of Chess

Chess is one of the oldest games. It was discovered in India around the 6th century.

During 6 century it had a different name called chaturanga. Chaturanga was a 4 player game and dice was rolled to which piece to move. Later on, Persians adopted this game and it was named as shatranj.

The games were rapidly grown to  Arabia till now Shatranj has gained much more importance and many documents were created discussing the best players and celebrating their skills in the empire about 850 AD chess books explaining the game and strategies begin to be written.


Today chess is played on a chessboard which consists of 8 by 8 grid of square and it is played between two players.

In chess, both the players have their own pieces of army ie 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 8 pawns. Every piece of Army has its unique move. The whole game is about right moves at right time.

There are also many mental tricks used in these game such as finding a probability of which move the opponent might play on your current move.

To win the game you have to remove the king from the board by checkmate.

  Discus In Chess 

In chess, the player chooses a darker (black) color and another player lighter color(white).

The game is always started by the lighter color so it has some probability of winning but there are also some disadvantages that the opponent player will know your move and decide his move against you. So you have to choose your color wisely.

A player can remove a piece of an opponent by placing its piece on that square removing of pieces of an opponent is not compulsory.

Sometimes While removing the piece of opponent you might lose your own piece so you have to decide how to remove the piece of the opponent.

Setting Of Chess Pieces On Chessboard

All eight pawns are kept on the first row defending their other pieces. In second row we have a rook, knight, bishop, Queen, King, Bishop, Knight, too. One thing should be noted that the queen should be kept on its color square only ie if a queen is white it should be kept on the white square and black queen on the black square.

And the kings of both the players should not be on the same Kollam that is the opponent’s king should not be facing your King it should be facing your queen and vice versa. Both the players have to place their pieces in this fashion.

Importance Of Chess 

Chess is a very good game it is like making your brain working at his best-playing chess improve the ability to take decisions, quality learning, analytical power. It also helps in improving self-confidence.

It also helps in improving your concentration and focusing. It is also a very good memory game. Children playing chess are found to be more responsible than others child it means chess helps to make a child responsible for his life.

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