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Chandrayaan 2 was a successful mission accomplished by the Indian research Organisation (ISRO)

The full form of (ISRO) is an Indian space research organization which has accomplished many successful missions. Which the people from other countries still imagining to succeed.

What is ISRO?

Indian space research organization (ISRO) when we heard about this word what the first thing comes in our mind. It’s a space organization which is making the impossible possible today ISRO is on the peak on getting achievements. 

ISRO is the organization run by the Indian government and the employs in ISRO are one of the hard-working employs we can find in India. 

They have succeeded so many impossible missions within no time and even buy the cheaper rate of the other research space research organization

Chandrayaan 1

Chandrayaan 1 was a very successful mission before Chandrayaan 2. India as launch this mission of Chandrayaan 1 on 20th October 2008 and it was a very successful mission.

Chandrayaan 1 insertion of the orbit was on November 8, 2008. It was very successfully done by the ISRO scientist. But the biggest problem which ISRO face in Chandrayaan 1 was that it was missing for more than two years. 

But the Indian research organization did not leave hope and they were trying to find their Chandrayaan 1 and they accomplish the mission with all dedication and hard work.

Chandrayaan 2

Chandrayaan 2 is a very successful mission after the Mars mission. Chandrayaan 2 launched on 22 July 2019 it reach to the orbit insertion on 20 August 2019.

An after that it started revolving over the orbit of the moon there were few steps of Chandrayaan 2 which it should have completed. 

Step 1:-Safely control the speed on the surface of the moon.

Step 2:-Indian export scientist had programmed the technology to the machine to land on the moon.

Step 3:- To explore the lunar terrain with the home ground technology.

Step 4:- Country ever to soft-land on the lunar surface

Chandrayaan 2 Carried Three Machines

In Chandrayaan 2 there were three which were the most important machines from which it was about to capture every moment of the moon. 

First thing was the orbital is a machine which revolves around the moon and gives us all the information on earth so that we can understand the situation on the moon.

Second Vikram lander Vikram wonder what is the second machine which was designed to exit cute India’s first soft landing on the lunar surface but unfortunately.

There was a small problem of over speeding and the Vikram lander got damage because of the harsh landing.

Third thing Pragyan Rover in the rover there is a six-wheeler machine which has a solar panel and a high-definition camera.

Which can give us a high definition and clarity images on earth this was programmed to revolve around the moon to capture the lunar surface and give us the details of it.  

Thanks to ISRO

In the end, we would like to congratulate the Indian research Organisation (ISRO) for sending such a beautiful machine on the moon and making us feel proud for her to hard work.

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