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Essay On Cell Phone For Students Easy Words – Read Here

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In this 21st-century cell phone is a thing that everyone has with them. Everyone has some electronic devices such as computers, laptops and television and many more.

Cell phones are referred to as mobile phones in today’s world. Mobile phones have become a daily need in our life.

The mobile phone has been daily used by everyone; we cannot live without mobile phones.

Before Mobile Phones   

With the help of mobile phones, we can find any current information at any place and at any time.

We can get information about any topic through mobile phones; it also helps in communicating with people who are far away from us.

Before the 19th century, there were no mobile phones and people used to communicate with each other with the help of letters at that time; they used to write letters to each other to communicate with one another.

This process was taking too much time to communicate with each other through letters, so our scientists invented a new device called as telephones, and so telephones are used to make to communicate with each other.

The Invention Of The Cell Phone   

As in the 20 the century when the telephone invented it was used to communicate with each other, but it very costly at that time for all the people to purchase it and they cannot take it with them wherever they want to go.

For this problem, small cell phones were invented so that people can take them along with them.

Nowadays there are Latest smartphones which are used by people and as well as children also.

Firstly cell phones were used only to communicate with our family members and our relatives, but nowadays there are different types of function and applications which are used to communicate not only with relatives but also with different people anywhere and at any time.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Mobile Phone  

There are many advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Mobile phones are the fastest communication thing that we can use to communicate with each other.

It is also used to find information within a fraction of a second. It also helps us to entertain with the help of Music and many more applications.

We always want to capture our special moments with us, so we can capture it on mobile phones and also we can watch it later by saving it into our mobile phones gallery. There are also so many advantages of mobile phones.

But when there is an advantage has also a disadvantage. There are also many disadvantages of a mobile phone as by using continues mobile phone the ultra rays that comes from the mobile phone damages are eye sights.

Because of smartphones, children like to play and use only these phones, so they stop playing outdoor games and sit at home and play only on their phone, makes them lazy.

There are also many other disadvantages of mobile phones. Mobile phones should be used when there is a need for it; we should not use it continuously as it could be a harmful thing for us.

It is a useful thing for us but as well as using it could also cause us many harmful effects on our future world also.

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