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The most significant environmental issue faced nowadays is pollution. The pollution is the root cause of any diseases, sometimes indirectly we respire the polluted air, or intake dirty food, which is very much hazardous to our health.

A single source does not cause pollution; there are many sources of pollution. In short, we can conclude that the development of the nation led to the development of infection.

There are three types of causes which pollute the environment. Below are some pints, which cause pollution to a greater extent.

Air Pollution

The pollution which is caused in the air is called air pollution. The pollutant here is emitted in the air by the vast industries and factories which make the air unsafe for the respiration of all the living organism and plants.

Even vehicles make the environment polluted by the emission of various smoke such as hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide. These smoke react with the other smoke in the atmosphere and produce even more toxic gas.

Not only the above two, but the agricultural process also produces pollution. When the land is over fertilized, the ammonia present in the fertilizer reacts with the other and pollute the atmosphere in the gaseous form.

Soil Pollution

The pollution in which the land gets polluted is called as soil pollution. It is also called as land pollution. Soil pollution mainly occurs when the farmer makes the overuse of chemical pesticide, insecticide, and fertilizer. As a result, the land loses its fertility.

It also has another cause, i.e., exploitation of minerals through mining, When the underground septic tanks get leaked, leaching of a toxic substance or even when the factories or industries release their wastewater in the land. Over raining and flooding also becomes the cause of soil pollution.

Water Pollution

When the pollutant gets mixed in the water and makes them unfit for the drinking or another purpose, it is called water pollution. The big industries and factories release their processed dirty water in the lake, river, ponds, and make the water polluted. The aquatic animal dies due to the toxic water, as the level of oxygen gets automatically decreased in the polluted water.

According to the survey, it was found that almost 70% of the industrial waste is emitted in the sea. As a result, many water bodies die.

Noise Pollution

The pollution which is caused by different types of noise is said as noise pollution. This pollution is produced by the vehicles, the music system which is played in the festivals, the industries and factories, Many times the household chores carried out by the women of the house creates the noise pollution while cooking or cleaning.


The government has taken the initiation that decreases the rate of pollution. Various NGOs is also working for the same. Now, it is the time of every ordinary individual to reduce pollution and to save the environment so the future generation can see this beautiful nature as it is.

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