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Air pollution is also known as atmospheric pollution the release of any foreign materials any gases harmful to human being, animals or plants into the atmosphere is known as air pollution. Big congested and industrialized, city heavy vehicular traffic is more prone to the effects of air pollution.

The environment consists of lithospheres hydrosphere biosphere and atmosphere. The atmosphere comprises a mixture of gases like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon- dioxide, argon, etc. which are also known as greenhouse gases. We hear about the various form of pollution and read about it through the mass media. Air pollution occurs when any harmful gases, dust, smoke, enter into the atmosphere.

Air Pollution Is Two Types 

  • Visible Air Pollution

  • Invisible Air Pollution

The sustainment of all things living is due to a combination of gases that collectively form the atmosphere, the imbalance caused by the increase or decrease in the percentage of these gases can be harmful to survival.

Air Pollutions Effect 

Air Pollution

  • Smog causes harmful health effects in humans and animals.
  • People afflicted with heart diseases, children and older people are more sensitive to air pollution.
  • Air pollution irritates the throat, nose, lungs, and eyes.
  • Contaminated air reduce the body’s defenses and decreases and the body’s capacity to fight other infections in the respiratory system.

Causes Of Air Pollution 

  • Chemicals and toxoid polluted like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide react with water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acid rain.
  • This pollution comes from factories, automobiles, and any industrial or manufacturing plants.
  • Air pollution is caused by a release of pollutions from vehicle exhaust, smoke from factories, and dust from agriculture and construction industries.

The air gets polluted in many different ways, and some of the main sources which cause air pollution are industrialization, urbanization, and motorization. Some other sources are thermal power plants, smoke from chemical and petrochemical plants, and rapid increase in the sales of motor vehicles, excessive deforestation, and modern weapon tests.

As we have a very sensitive ecosystem, there has to be an ecological balance. Nature does its job very well; it is we who have disturbed the balance. Our atmosphere is created by Green House gases like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. and these gases have a combination wherein Nitrogen is the largest component.

But due to the above-mentioned causes, a high amount of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Apart from that, even poisonous gases like Carbon Monoxide has also been released.

In a quest for Natural Gas, excessive amounts of Methane has been released into the atmosphere. This has disturbed the balance in the Green House gases which has resulted in several problems related to the environment.

Types Of Pollutants

  • Primary Air Pollutants

  • Secondary Air Pollutants

An example of primary air pollutants as sulfur -dioxide


Air pollution is a big problem and harmful too. Air Pollution is fatal too; it has been caused by humans, though there are natural causes too they are limited. Because it is us, who have created this problem we must solve them too.

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