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Global warming is a very big problem which human beings are facing right now each one of us is responsible for global warming in nature.

Each one of us needs to take the proper care of nature and it is the responsibility of every person living on the earth.

How Does Global Warming Start

This is a very big question which everyone has in their minds there were few problems in the past for human beings to solve for example air-pollution. 

What is air pollution and noise pollution but what this new concept of global warming is and how does this come into existence? An how can we solve this problem as a human being. Well, all these questions are in everybody’s mind and we are trying to help you to solve these questions.

Now global warming is something which is very much similar to air pollution but in this problem, it is affecting nature very much. Global warming is coming to the layers which protect us from the hardest sunlight on the earth and even the coldest atmosphere on the earth.

But global warming is creating a black hole into the ozone layer of earth from which all these harmful rays go directly to the earth’s surface and no one can survive.

How Is Global Warming Increasing

In simple terms, global warming is increasing because of the pollution which is done by human beings. The smoke is coming out of the factories the vehicles.

Who is responsible for releasing the toxic air in nature this all things are there which is creating global warming.

It is going to harm us now and also in the future because of we as a human being or not aware of the consequences of that in future there will be so many problems because of this global warming which we are not taking as a serious problem.

Right now slowly and steadily this problem is raising and every day it is getting worst and worst so to make sure that we are not being a part of this global warming problem we need to take some important measures to secure this kind of problem.

How to Solve The Global Warming Problem

We as a human being responsible for the global warming problem and we are very well aware of this. Now as a human being how can we stop this global warming problem in nature?

Well, it is very simple but it takes time and patience to do so we just need to plant more and more trees from which all the carbon dioxide gets into it.

An only the oxygen which is healthy and makes a human being fit will be released. This is a small step which would help the human to survive the causes and effects of global warming.

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Updated: January 9, 2020 — 9:44 am

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