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One of the evil practice which is still going in India is a Caste system. In ancient as well as in modern times it is only the poor who suffers a lot due to this evil system. The caste system shows their harmful impact on the society, ethical manner, educational field and in politics too.

The Caste System In Ancient India

In Hindi, the word we use for caste is varna means color. As soon as the Aryans entered in India, the caste system took place in 1500 B.C.

Aryans gave different works to different people accordingly to carry on the things in a more systematic way. The Aryans divided the people, nearly there were 3,000 castes and 25,000 subcastes depending upon the work the community was divided. Many great leaders worked to give equal treatment to all the people.

Aryans Created Mainly Four Castes

Brahmin: This was the upper class of all. Mainly the priest, teachers and the scholars from the occupation come under this group.

Kshatriyas: This class comes after the Brahmin. Those who were rulers and warrior came under this caste.

Vaishya: All the farmers, merchants and traders belong to this category.

Shudras: The most sufferer of all was this class. Shudras consist only labor.

The upper-class people were free for all norms. They used to enjoy every policy. They can do whatever they want. No restriction was imposed on them. On the other hand, the lower class people were restricted for many of the facility. Like the people who come under the Shudras community cannot go to get an education, they were not allowed to go to the temple.

The Brahmins and the upper-class family also practice untouchability with the lower class people.

The Caste System In Modern India

In recent times we have seen that the caste system is no more practiced in urban society. Even in rural areas we see only some of the people following this system which is considered illegal entirely.

Here in urban cities, all caste people get an education, do jobs in a simple word they get to mingle with each other, which people belong to which caste is more an issue. Practicing untouchability is legally forbidden by the government.

The central government of India, have a positive attitude towards caste discrimination. Now, the backward class many excellent facilities. They get many Quota for education, jobs, etc. They come under reserved category.

However, the upper-class people feel that they are not getting the proper right due to the reserved. The ancient upper-class people are coming under the Open category. Also, Kshatriya and Vaishya are said as Schedule Caste(SC) and Schedule Tribe(ST). The last Shudras are stated as Other Backward Class(OBC).


The caste system was very evil for humanity. Every human is the child of God. The caste is made by humans itself. We must keep in mind that we all people have the same color blood running in our veins that’s the blood of the human.

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